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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo holds coronavirus briefing Sunday | USA TODAY

Gov. Andrew Cuomo provides updates at his daily briefing on the coronavirus pandemic in New York.
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  1. Dont fight each other……Dont forget china is main culprit….
    we have to teach a lesson to china…
    very cruel country….

  2. Disgusting man. He is not an example of good American leadership. Liar. Rapist and pedophile.

  3. Force that guy into a random nursing home for 2 weeks….then I may listen to it.

  4. Please You subscribe to my channel I promise I will do yours.

  5. Bloody China 🤯🤯🤯😤😤

  6. Back tracking on the elderly. Hey who made this guy the voice of the Covid-19 pandemic? Has he talked to his brother about the confinement rules? He should be the poster boy for the Pinocchio Award. Another thing are all the deaths solely from NY? 3000 a day wow NY must be the most unlucky of all the states. Oh wait that’s the deaths of all states. How does he get the numbers so soon. Almost like it’s planned that way. Hum

  7. Did China bough Apple Yet?

  8. E eryday s aring the people for what??? Free the people??? Masks are not healthy doctors say..staying home is not healthy but these communist dictators insist on ordering citizens to do what is not healthy?????

  9. These press conferences serve noo good purpose for the citizens. Its a load of bullshit lies..people wanna. E out the house and back to work.( its like coumo deblasio mirohy all plan to drag out this fuckery shutdown purposely just so yrump will lose election. They dont give a damn bout the millions of families they have bunkrupted…the covid death nimbets are lies not half died of covid..scaring the pinlic with manupulated data…https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=V-ovYeAMFlI

  10. Hi Mr Guomo , reminder, people need shots with no chips .

  11. Why isn't he wearing a mask & gloves

  12. This is a lie I know plenty of people getting fired by corporation & still getting bailed out by the government. I.E. All the hotels in Nashville

  13. I wonder how long it's going to take to have 20,000 funerals

  14. I need 5,000 subscribers. Please I want your help. Thank you very much

  15. Gov. Andrew Cuomo For President!

  16. I simply cannot understand the criticism of someone who is sensible, but then the USA is probably not used to someone who is sensible.

  17. Happy Mother’s Day to all the team … and Governor your mom look Great ✨cheers 🥂

  18. Data: New York is by far the worst in minimizing deaths per million relative to its population. It’s leadership was completely incompetent and failed in minimizing the effects of this virus.
    Idiots that watch these briefing and see cuomo jibber jabber with his family: cuomo for president!

  19. What is this cuomo family ties or a public official who needs to state the facts and move on.

  20. he complIns about the corporate america funding, but who is more corporate America than NYC? Those companies got moneybto pay their employees instead of mass layoffs. Cuomo youre a numbskull.

  21. Ummmm first of all they better be paying us all back when this over casue if this ruin my summer im finna be toght sooooo they better figure it out

  22. You people want the facts? Here it is. People from around the world who are on a form of government assistance have been overwhelming the systems. Aka non-contributors. Its true the virus is not synthetically engineered However it has been altered in labs from a pre-existing virus designed to be transmitted from human to human. The SARS virus was selected for its effectiveness to target the weaker groups. Unfortunately it was accidentally released before the study had been completed and a cure manufactured. This virus was chosen for manipulation to be transmitted from human to human because a healthy human bodies has the ability for a successful recovery. Over the centuries man has implemented multiple pathogen for minor population control to be used on selected or targeted groups. This practice has also been used in warfare and profitable capitalism. In ,08 China Tibetan capital Lhasa and other areas the Chinese citizens have been escalating their protest for separatism or freedom from the CCP. In an attempt do deescalate these protests without further backlash to the Chinese Communist Party. The (CCP) had released multiple types of infectious disease. Several strains of the avian influenza (H5N1) (H7N4) (H7N7)(H7N9) had been reported in the same years only moths apart and another was placed in a isolated water supply. it was an intestinal virus called (EV-71) or Enterovirus 71. If you read China history you will notice every time there is a mass public out lash against the CCP there will be a sudden emergence of an isolated influenza or viral infection. The CCP has used biological weapons on its own populace for Generations. History will show the CCP has been experimenting with SARS for the past 12 years. The CCP wanted to design this new virus to be used as a strategic military advantage for economic dominance. China's CCP has placed it's self in every nation's economic infrastructure with the goal to be the new worlds superpower. Make no mistake every business interaction with China is a direct Association with the CCP. The CCP is controlled by dictators. They are not a communistic party, they are controlled by TOTALITARIAN group. Anyone doing business or trade with these people are subject to their rule. If the CCP had been able to manufacture a cure and medical supplies before the virus had been released they would have had enough Leverage to achieve its goal. This release of Cov-19 was a happy mistake. The leaders of the world now see the CCP objective for global control. As for America we are allowing a small percentage of people to expire not necessarily by deliberate intent rather more by delayed in our actions to prevent. Remember we are a free nation so Chinese tactics like mass murder and forced detention will not be. Ill explain..
    From Covid-19. 80,000 Americans died and counting. From that 80K Less then 1.5 thousand Americans under the age 50 have die. Only a small fraction of about 8% or less of people who died did NOT have or could NOT be diagnosed with any pre-existing health conditions. A larger percentage in the youths under age 50 nearly 48% who died had tested positive for narcotics in their system. Not enough autopsy in this field have been done. In addition the lung damage makes it difficult to determine if people died were smokers or using vape pens resulting in preexisting damage to the lungs or immune system. Now this report will not be released in the U.S. but a larger percentage is blacks and Hispanics or "Browns" a minority % of these ethnic groups have been unemployed with criminal history. The U.N. and other European nations are conducting a study to verify and should be completed mid summer next year. So a larger portion of the dead are around 80% or more are retired or sick and are over 50 years old with pre-existing conditions. In time these figures will be disclosed for now the death count continues. Despite the CDC and W.H.O reports on mutation Personally I give this virus a mutation factor of 80% a very high chance for a more dangerous mutations with potential increase to the death rate. Nothing mankind has seen in the past has been this infectious. The reason it will mutate to a more deadly strain is because its highly contagious. When the virus infects a host it binds to many molecular structures such as cells, proteins, DNA and more. Then it will go into an incubation process eventually releasing copies of its self which the host will dispel many of these copies out of the body to infect another living host. Because this virus is now capable of infecting various species types ranging from mammals, Aves, reptiles even fish! Even if some are just a carrier it will be altered to some degree. When this virus moves from multiple species then back again the possibility for the virus RNA mutation in my opinion will be 80% likely to happen. If it mutates in a way allowing it to form an advanced symmetric protective shell, Capsid or barrier it will be nearly unstoppable. Even more scary is if it forms the ability to infect microorganisms even bacteria it could create symbotic effect. Keep in mind the worlds Ice is melting and releasing prehistoric bacteria and pathogens including viruses mankind has never seen before allowing further interactions with existing viruses. This is not a theory or science fiction. Keep in mind this is a form of influenza.

    it will be changed

  23. Scum bag………Scum bag……..

  24. You don't care about Mothers…….

  25. stop justifying your decision made under arrogance and control. I really hate your voice.

  26. where is your mask Cuomo sum?

  27. Good job governor Fredo. Just think if you did nothing, it would have been better

  28. It was great to see some one in your position sir governor Andrew Guomo give that beautiful love for his family, considering the numbers which goes down in my humble opinion that the most weak people regarding to their immunity they recieved Covid19's hit,, meaning it killed its weak victims, my opinion..
    Nobody I am, but from Oman our country from the begining imposed the social distansing and tell people to stay home since 18of March for school, and 20 of March for workers. Our first Covid19 case was on Febreuary. However, the inficted people still in a fluctuated numbers, going high and down, since people stayed home as Covid19 saying hey I am waiting for you finally you will fed up staying home and when get out and make small mistakes will bite you.

  29. my nutsack has less wrinkles than this guys face, and this is the most eligible bachelor in NYC? now i know to keep 10 feet between me and the ladies from the great state of New York, talk abt not having any standards at all lol

  30. Thats it im gonna start living underground and leave everybody behind

  31. Cuomo…..the killer clown! Shame on you Fredo! You got blood on your hands!

  32. Cuomo why don't you do something other than press conferences. I don't see you doing anything but executive orders. . Believe me you will still be rich when this' is over and the poor will be poorer. We will have more homeless than ever before. Because you never did anything for them. I am tiered of your propaganda bull.

  33. The world bank is a third party instigators setting back counting the money.

  34. Trump 2020 trump trump trump

  35. Looks like the Democrats are trying to figuar out to skim some of the virus money corrupt politicans.

  36. The virus is a scam by the NWO to defeat Trump. That's it and that's all.

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