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living in New York vs Los Angeles | November 11th, 2016
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Erik Conover Video Blog 490: Morning run through Hollywood, meeting up with some new friends in Venice doing a little NYC vs LA Q&A with a beautiful sunset surf!!


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  1. Both fun cities.

    The major differences are:

    NYC has 4 seasons – (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
    LA has two – Dry season (April to October) and rain season (November to March)

    Transportation in NYC = Subway/Metro
    Transportation in LA = Driving, although the city's rail system is rapidly expanding. Also, great Uber/Lyft service.

    NYC = Vertical (Tall buildings)
    LA = Spread out (Large open spaces)

    Other than that, they are pretty much mirror cities. Very diverse, cultural powerhouses, and everyone wants to live there.

  2. How can you compare a real city with the world's largest collection of suburbs?

  3. NY has nearby beaches
    LA has beaches within a short drive
    NY has a lot of big cities
    LA has its own city surrounded by smaller neighborhood
    NYC has a lot of apartment complexes and tenants
    LA has huge mansions,
    studios, penthouses, and regular houses
    NYC has massive transportation system:
    MTA ,PATH, NJ Transit,Amtrak, Metro North, LIRR,taxi cabs,driving,walking, bicycling, dollar vans,etc.
    LA residents mostly drive since they don't have a mass transportation system.
    NYC has natural disasters such as snow storms, thunder storms, and construction accidents
    LA has mudslides, earthquakes, blazing wild fires, and smog
    NYC has Luna Park, Six Flags Great Escape, Adventureland, and Darien Lake
    LA has Universal Studios, Disneyland, Great America, Six Flags,
    Sea World, and Knott's Berry Farm

  4. Well NYC vs Los Angeles
    NY is near the Atlantic
    LA is near the pacific
    NYC uses the Eastern time (EST)
    LA uses pacific time (PST)
    NYC has art galleries, museums, the statue of liberty, the one world trade center
    LA has capital records, the Hollywood sign,the Chinese theater, the Griffith observatory, and lots of film,TV,and entertainment studios
    NYC is more compressed
    LA is more expanded
    NYC is one the east coast
    LA is on the west coast
    NYC has tenants,condos,
    penthouses, and houses
    LA has mansions, deluxe studios,and apartments
    NYC has easy access to transportation
    LA people are driving almost everywhere
    NYC has a mass transit system (MTA,PATH,NJ Transit,LIRR,Amtrak,
    Metro North, taxi cabs, dollar vans,ferry system, biking,walking,etc)
    LA you'll be driving in your car to and from your destination on traffic congested highways, byways, and interstates

  5. I grew up in California and as much as I see the appeal, I will always prefer the East Coast. I personally enjoy the complete four seasons, the hustle, and taking the subway rather than sitting in traffic for an hour while only traveling ten miles. The people in NY are more eclectic and diverse whereas everyone in LA strive to be the same person. It's all relative.

  6. Didn´t know Kevin Love from the Cavaliers blogged lmao

  7. I remember this guy saying he wanted to be a fdny firefighter.. well the test has come, and gone

  8. Im from LA, been to NY, did the walk around city, ate pizza in brooklin, went to Manhattan, Bronx, wall st, subways, saw the stat of libeery, went to timesquare, went to the rock top of bldg, took pic of city with central prk, ate a hotdog, went to that famous basketball court that comes out in Denzel's movies, ran the bridge in Poughkeepsie, it was all awesome. But still wouldnt change it for LA, live and die in LA

  9. I'm sorry to say but you're so delusional in the fact of you wanting to own an apartment in NYC. Not even the richest people can last here.

  10. I've been to mels too when I was in LA

  11. everyone saying NY u guys are no life it's LA all the way

  12. You Know Erik You Like LA better Come On Come Clean;) Hey its Okay LA Is The Best,Btw Los Angeles Isnt The Original City,Its A Long name,Btw Its Los Angeles Not Las Angeles😌

  13. Yes Thier Is Subways,Theres Many Im From LA i Would Know,Second Of All Its all About LA Nothing Beats LA😘😍😍😘😘

  14. Its All About LA Duhhhhh No Place Like LALALAND❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Its All About LA Duhhhhh No Place Like LALALAND❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Beautifully shot brother! Thanks for the tips making the NYC to LA journey July!

  17. Wow just subscribed, ur edeting is top noch sir. I like the vibe you and your channel give out, very humble but driven. Keep it up, you got another fan.

  18. Why can't NY And LA just have a baby I'll be like the perfect city

  19. so handsome y'all are. gosh!

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