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New Zealand Smashes Guinness World Records – Fitting Through A Tennis Racquet?! – Ep3

New Zealand Smashes Guinness World Records - Fitting Through A Tennis Racquet?! - Ep3

This contortionist is trying to take a record back home – will she make it? SUBSCRIBE for more episodes: http://bit.ly/subscribetoGWR

This episode features piano smashing, squeezing through a tennis racquet and washing machine throwing…

In a show that really captures the essence of New Zealand, exceptional New Zealanders are invited along to urban locations to attempt records that are currently held by other nationalities — so not only are they trying to break records for themselves, they’re doing it for their country, too. And as this show demonstrates, New Zealand’s population may be small but Kiwis punch well above their weight! From washing machine throwing to running through panes of safety glass, there’s nothing the gutsy Kiwis won’t have a crack at.

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  1. Wtf how can you find out you are a the best at breaking a toilet seat and lid with your head? Maybe He was just angry at the toilet not flushing and smashes his head against the toilet.

  2. I was gonna say the first record wasn't smashed, but the piano was literally smashed

  3. American girls can barely fit thru a door

  4. She definitely did 17 not 16


  6. "Kids, it almost goes without saying. Don't do this at home. Go to the neighbors."
    Best quote 2015.

  7. It's easy as hell to do it without the contortions with those height and age restrictions. I've done it o.o
    But contortionists are awesome!
    I'm jealous.

  8. I take it susan likes to blow.

  9. You need to have slim shoulders.

  10. When the girl did it that was so unfair she's so skinny …the racket simply slipped through it in an instant

  11. Am I the only one who cried when they were demolishing the piano? :'(

  12. lol she s so thin …. so unfir
    this rubbe guy was so much bigger than her look she doesnt even neds to stretch herself for the second try……

  13. actually 16, she didnt finish the 17th one fully

  14. no.. honestly get over it. if you're too big, go break another record.

  15. Its whakatani NOT FUCKATANI… Get your facts right!

  16. Wow New Zealand has useless talents!

  17. Skye was sooo much better, rubber boy made me feel sick watching him.

  18. This record is rather easy… no where in the title did it say a racquet of "standard size", I could beat this record in the time it takes for an oversized racquet to drop from my hand to the ground.

  19. Thusly why I specified that genetically speaking.

  20. err not all males… just fyi…

  21. that is a great idea but sadly some people would call that sexist

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