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Newly sober woman gets surprise visit from NYPD cops who saved her life

She got the surprise of her life — from the cops who saved it.

A binge-drinking Brooklyn woman who turned her life around after officers found her blackout drunk on the street was brought to tears Tuesday when the NYPD organized a surprise reunion with her heroes.

Johnelle Mays, 27, told The Post in December how she was inspired to get sober on Christmas Day a year earlier when two officers from the 79th Precinct showed her compassion after she relapsed, instead of throwing her in the drunk tank.

Mays had been hoping to find and thank the mystery officers she called her “guardian angels” — and finally got the chance Tuesday when she was invited to 1 Police Plaza to meet Chief of Department Terence Monahan, who then surprised her by bringing the two Finest into the room.

“Oh, my God, no way!” Mays exclaimed as Officers Christopher Bowie and Adnan Chatha walked in.

She hugged the two officers and thanked them for treating her so kindly: “I’m sure it wasn’t a lot of fun,” she told them.

Chatha said he didn’t even recognize Mays, who has lost 38 pounds since quitting booze.

“Very few times do you get to see people changing their lives, saying thank you,” said Chatha. “It’s a good feeling.”

Additional reporting by Ruth Brown


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