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NFL Owner Charged In Prostitution Ring

NFL Owner Charged In Prostitution Ring

Patriots owner Robert Kraft, was charged with soliciting sex. Ana Kasparian, Jayar Jackson, and Nomi Prins, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://go.tyt.com/tyt-left-e1a27

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“Robert K. Kraft, the billionaire owner of the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, was charged on Friday with two counts of soliciting sex as part of a wide-ranging investigation into prostitution and suspected human trafficking in South Florida.

The charges against Mr. Kraft, 77, in Jupiter, Fla., came after the police used video surveillance to observe activity inside several day spas and massage parlors. The police said that the parlors were used for prostitution, and that many of the women involved were considered to be victims.

The investigation involved multiple law enforcement agencies, and resulted in raids and arrests connected to nearly a dozen businesses in the region. At least one person, Lanyun Ma, 49, was charged with human trafficking. More than two dozen men, ranging in age from 34 to 81, have been arrested; hundreds have been charged, the police said.

A spokesman for Mr. Kraft and the Patriots released a statement, saying: “We categorically deny that Mr. Kraft engaged in any illegal activity. Because it is a judicial matter, we will not be commenting further.”

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Jayar Jackson, Nomi Prins

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Jayar Jackson, Nomi Prins


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  1. Legaliding this means traficking more women and dependeong idustry..there should not be sex workers to begin with..

  2. Imagine a Billionaire who buys and sells humans for a living that would resort to victims of human trafficking for their sexual gratification?

  3. Awesome! Now Kraft can add another ring to his trophy case. The Prostitution Ring – MVC (Most Valuable Customer). 💍💍💍💍💍💍💍

  4. The NFL will absolve Robert Kraft of any/all sins…Because you can solicit prostitutes, you can punch women, you can kill dogs, you can do drugs….You just can't kneel to protest police brutality against African-Americans.

  5. Just like with the war on drugs, if you support the government going after the user instead of the provider, you are supporting the mob kickback infrastructure of our government.

  6. So much money, so much power, but so cheap!

  7. I hope he wins another superbowl!!……..TRUMP 2020 MAGA

  8. I wonder how many republican politicians are tied to this sex ring?

  9. If you're a filthy rich pasty white male, why wouldn't you just go to Las Vegas where prostitution is legal where whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?

  10. How long before the trafficking charges hit?

  11. Why does the government need to be involved in a financial transaction between 2 consenting adults? There wouldn't be 'trafficking' if this was simply legal. The government is akin to the mob in the sense that they mandate you accept their 'protection'. Even scarier is the fact 'progressives' want to extend this 'protection' on all of us because 'progressives' believe government knows how to take care of us, our children and our money better than we do……………………..mic drop.

  12. Please let it be a Jeffrey Epstein prostitution ring; then if Robert Kraft hires Alan Dershowitz that should win some sort of booby prize.

  13. so the police watched these women have sex on hidden cameras over 200 times before protecting them?

  14. So, the (former) Carolina Panthers' owner resigned and sold the team, after being exposed and accused of sexual misconduct, etc. Plus, players were being suspended or kickout off teams for heresy in some cases, and found not guilty of any false accusations/allegations, and were demonized by the media and by most of the public. Now, I wonder what will be the result(s) of this situation with old Robert Kraft?…

  15. Yet…..Robert Kelly is a monster who was COINCIDENTALLY arrested on the same day as Robert Kraft

  16. Man that thing about the cop saying his name is nothing but a quick jab at the people who risk their lives protecting society. Ana is trash and has no journalistic integrity. Kill yourself ✋🏻

  17. I don't think the fans care.

  18. Maybe that's why some of NFL kneel down. Coz they used to this kind of this attitude.

  19. This guy didn't mind the hello kneeling on that day.

  20. It ain't easy being sleazy….Kraft got caught with his pants down….Damn how can all those Super Bowls not be enough??????

  21. Those are not sex workers in massage parlors, those are Asian immigrants caught in a sex trafficking ring.

  22. The dude, it’s amazing that the F B I is really that bad until the dick in the Whitehouse wants them to do his bidding? Give us a break.

  23. The man cheated on two wives ripped off many builders tried to defraud how many with his university is a lying piece of shit and is somehow a saint in your eyes. Give us a break.

  24. I hope him and everyone that's part of those cheating pieces of crap goes down.

  25. J R  You mean White, don't sugar coat it.

  26. the disappointing thing isn't that he solicited prostitutes. It's that this MAGA Trump loving supporter gave his business to foreign immigrants instead of hard working Americans LOL

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