Nicholls hangs on by his fingertips to dismiss Smith

Steve Smith’s short-ball krypontine proved the Aussie’s undoing again as Henry Nicholls held on to a brilliant one-handed catch by his fingertips as Neil Wagner grabbed the breakthrough


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  1. Surprised bouncer 😳😳😳😳😳

  2. Youtube these days: see the full addd

  3. A special catch in the records

  4. This will gonna be interesting in 2020 … Nz vs ind … It's king Kohli vs thunder boult ( good length ND Yorkers lovers ) and faster wagner vs hitman( bouncer lovers)

  5. That was a perfect bouncer to the top batman in the world , and the catch was a top rated

  6. As if he managed to pick a fruit

  7. Iove you Smith sir great player all times

  8. New Zealand Australia can take this kind of catches awesome

  9. Did anyone realise Wagner got Smith out each time in this series so far

  10. Bhot wadiya catch phadiya vai➡🎖😍😎

  11. This should be a catch of the month!
    Who agrees please like

  12. Perfect Bouncer nd an amazing catch.
    Good cricket all around👏

  13. Neil Wagner is such an underrated cricketer!! It will be classic contest between Noshit , a compulsive hooker vs Wagner, a compulsive bouncer .

  14. Best cricket channel ever….

  15. Wagner composing sweet chin music

  16. We only need something extraordinary like this to send Smith & labuchagne back to Pavilion!!!😂😅

  17. Did wagar just found a way to counter Smith?

  18. He should have pulled that instead of defending.

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