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Nickelodeon Stars, Where Are They Now?

Nickelodeon Stars, Where Are They Now?

The before and after of Nickelodeon’s biggest stars. Where are they now in 2019?

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Nickelodeon Stars, Where Are They Now?

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  1. Low and order? Jenette murcurdy? HAHAHAHHAHAA his pronunciations are so funny

  2. I hate how how the narrator pronounces their last names

  3. Kress did get a Position in the big fortnite event that got him loads of Recognition

  4. I heard Jerry Trainor was casted as John Wick

  5. Next, Disney stars, where are they now?
    Cameron Boyce! … oh…

  6. That thumbnails photoshop is pretty bad

  7. “She went to the school
    Of southern Californier” doesn’t even know how to say California😂

  8. I see Miranda Cosgrove is still in her car.

  9. You guys forgot Big Time Rush! (probably more, oh well. Maybe part2?)
    Besides that, thanks for the video.
    Nice to see my childhood stars blossom

  10. Surprised Keenan and Kel weren't on the list. I guess I'm just old now.

  11. *sees Miranda Cosgrove*
    *Hee hee's internally*

  12. what about the lazy town girl?? that girl can get it lol

  13. 2:45 isn't that Ariana grande on the left? Funny that she started as a side role and now she's the biggest out of all.

  14. I would like to see a video about my favorite show "You can't do that on television. " It's my favorite TV show from Nick.

  15. That wasn't Jerry Trainor in two broke girls, it's Christopher Gorham. Check your facts before you post these, and get the right scenes.

  16. 10:13 they play a clip from the winx club not trolls

  17. Dan"hold her tighter cause we got a fighter" Schneider

  18. I hope Ariana Grande is burning in hell now.

  19. Yeah I think Miranda Cosgrove, unlike the crew of vicTORIous, was meant to act instead of sing. I don't like most of her songs.

  20. The Canadian/Minnesotan accent is too strong!😂

  21. It would help if you actually did a little research. You might have wanted to avoid Dan "Kid Diddler" Schneider. Or at least if you are going to get into it, actually get into it. Because McCurdy had a video freak out that made it look like he may have done it to her too.

  22. Ermm hello? Josh peck? I believe David gets a little credibility

  23. In David Dobrik's vlogs.

  24. “Gillies played as Victorious’ villain” I think not. Have you even watched the show?

  25. i doubt the cast of icarly is pressed about finding jobs. at one point they were making like 1/3 a million PER episode in the later seasons. (plz correct the amount if im wrong)

  26. How's Cameron Boyce doing nowadays

  27. did you make this just because of cameron boyces death

  28. Dan _____?
    What's his name again?

  29. Who the hell is this narrator? I cant stand him. Bring baer taffy back.

  30. Jessica had Andre Drummond but she tried to play him
    Now look at him
    100 mill
    All star
    Will get another 100 mill when his contract is up too
    She fumbled the bag

  31. Drake bell also voiced peter Parker in the ultimate spiderman tv show

  32. You really need a HUMAN narrator ~V~

  33. Is that a broken computer voice.. or an actual "human." Perhaps hire someone for whom English is their first language.

  34. I Carley fine af now damn

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