Home / Fashion / Nicki Minaj on Looking Sexy But Still Camp | Met Gala 2019 with Liza Koshy | Vogue

Nicki Minaj on Looking Sexy But Still Camp | Met Gala 2019 with Liza Koshy | Vogue

Nicki Minaj on Looking Sexy But Still Camp | Met Gala 2019 with Liza Koshy | Vogue

Nicki Minaj talks with Liza Koshy about looking sexy but still camp for the Met Gala.

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Nicki Minaj on Looking Sexy But Still Camp | Met Gala 2019 with Liza Koshy | Vogue

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  1. I love the energy between these two most interviews are annoying

  2. Stupidity girl jeahanam is awaiting for u money will not help u

  3. we will always be there for you Nicki, hope u are okay, love you.

  4. She might had a cold or somthing…I hope she will get better

  5. I think she was as anxious being in the same building as Cardi For more than 2 hours

    I mean just try to imagine you being in a situation where you have to be stuck in the same place with sb who’s like your bully or nemesis or sb who didn’t necessarily have to go the long road to get to where you are at!!

    I totally understand her; she seems like she’s grown a lot since last year as a person

    I just hope her career concludes with a good ending after the last album!! Omg I feel for her so much…

  6. She looking real pregnant. hmmm…

  7. She is so beautyful I love his ❤️

  8. maybe ROMAN wasn't around

  9. Nicki might be pregnant 😕😕

  10. I'm not her biggest fan but she did look stunning 😍 but she also seems really out of breath 😕

  11. She looks stressed or tired or jet lag but I hope she’s doing okay

  12. She big as a house what's wrong ! And see looking older .,🤔🤔

  13. I'm so worried about her. She just deserves to be alright. Maybe she just needs a break. I prefer a long break than seeing her breaking down

  14. I would be so happy if Nicki were pregnant 🎀💗

  15. I know Nicki big on the top but they look pregnant big not big big.

  16. She looks like monster. Ugly woman.


  18. “I always look forward to your new music” Liza man😂😂😂

  19. Nicki looks like she's uncomfortable and stressed 🙁
    I hope she's alright

  20. Lisa made her feel so comfortable at the end. Nice 👍

  21. People on the comment section are saying that Nicki Minaj looks stressed and sad. I guess because Cardi B was also there at the Met Gala. Cardi B is Nicki's greatest fear.

  22. I think she can't breathe in that dress

  23. Nikki looks old time to retire pass the thrown

  24. you look stressed nicki😭❤️you

  25. Nicki can you breathe?

  26. Maybe she is just using drugs she looks cap here
    Or just hangover

  27. Desribe Nicki's dress in one word
    me: Beautiful

  28. Something is off with Nicki with this one. At least at the end Liza made Nicki laugh.

  29. What's going on with my girl Nikki she looks sad or a little bit down same thing

  30. she looks fed up bless her looooool

  31. Dress looks cheap and handmade, like crafted. I wonder who chooses her outfit ….if not you gal, time to change your personal stylist- you look so ugly! I mean, more than you really are!!!!

  32. She will always be my baby, i love her till the very end 😘

  33. She looks really sad….. she also looked like she gained a lot of weight…… hopefully she gets it together

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