Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 28, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Millions brace for new tornado and flood threats from relentless storms, growing call for tougher guidelines and restrictions for Mount Everest climbers, and opioid maker accused of fueling an epidemic in Oklahoma civil court.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

1:34 Deadly Storm On The Move After 13 Straight Days Of Tornadoes
3:49 Storm-Ravaged Communities Brace For Potential Record Flooding
4:51 61 Million At Risk Of Severe Weather Tonight
5:56 American Climber 11thTo Die Amid Mount Everest Overcrowding
7:47 Missouri May Become First State Without Abotion Clinics
8:34 Louisiana Latest State On Verge Of Passing New Abortion Limits
9:54 First Major U.S. Drugmaker On Trail In Deadly Opioid Crisis
12:06 Biden Rips Trump For Siding With Kim Jong Un, “Low IQ” Attack
14:04 “It Was A Miracle”: Hiker Lost 17 Days In Jungle Speaks Out
15:49 Ellen Degeneres Speaks Out About Surviving Sexual Abuse
18:04 Summer Travel Deals: Surprising Tips On When To Buy & Fly

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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 28, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Watching from Canada…Horrifying. Everything….

  2. Sacrifice trump might. Change weather.

  3. sky broke down in your country

  4. Cyclone Vayu…It ain’t just weather any more… It rained somewhere last night… how do I know this? the news showed pictures of cars and trucks floating down city streets, is it wet enough for you yet, or is it hot enough for you yet? no, just you wait till summer peeks as climate change grabs you by the throat, begging for attention. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez not younger enough to be the messenger of doom and gloom, how about Greta Thunberg, or your own eyes and ears…

  5. Stop violating my constitutional rights

  6. There needs to be a lottery system for Everest….

  7. 🖕 Z.O.G. Media 👹 ! ! !

  8. It's people in slavery but y'all talking about ?

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  10. Jesus is coming sooon be prepared

  11. These poor people. I m sorry for your situation

  12. you think maybe God is not to happy about murdering babies and the storms come.


  14. States banning abortion are blessed by God. Abortionist are murderers,

  15. 45 million American's who were not ; and counting; abortion is war very bad war.

  16. Why in the world would anyone suggest, or approve, a staged dangerous reporting event like I witnessed tonight with Kerry Sanders standing at waist height in swift moving water, and no lifejacket!!! The reporter and other managers that call the shots should be disciplined for this very unsafe act being broadcast to the world. When waders take on water, should he have slipped or been overtaken by the current, there would be a rescue needed, risking other lives, that would likely result in a recovery for a drowning, for a nonsense drama that didn't need to be.

    Please make some consideration of the example that this shot provided to the viewers watching and thinking that they might be able to do the same thing. Yes, not always the wisest folks do watch the news.


    I close every email the same as this one.

    stay safe,

    nick armbrust

  17. Ellen Degenerate. I don't know why, but I don't believe a dam word that comes out of her mouth.

  18. Multiple cases of Mother Nature eliminating the stupid

  19. Weather Destruction is how the NWO is Restructuring America !..If you live in a rural area your property will be destroyed and you may be killed !…If you do survive, your insurance won't cover your losses !

  20. If their kids died from a vodka overdose would they try to sue Smirnoff ?

  21. Biden dangerous for American President everything that President Trump worked for to make America great will be lost in one breath. NO to Biden !!!!!!!!!!No To Biden !!!!!!!!!!! Yes !!!!!Yes !!!!!!!Yes !!!!!!!!Yes !!!!!!!to President Donald J Trump !!!!!!!!!!!! as President he will hold on to everything he and all of you that have worked so hard to work for. DONALD J TRUMP for Presidential position 2020and over and over +++++++++keep it together America and keep it great. Trump !!!!!!!!! Trump!!!!!! Trump!!!!!! You can only win. The Most High is Guiding Him constantly. Trump for President only. !!!!!!!!!! Hashem Echad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trump can only help through the will of G-D the Most High. Who uses Tump as a messenger .

  22. Thanks Mr. Trump for using all the money to build a wall on the border.. americans now need new homes and levys built.. hey maybe mexico will pay for them

  23. Joe Biden is just Another Puppet for Hilary and Obama…”NO NO NO!!NOT GETTING MY VOTE !!

  24. Time to leave the east and west coasts!!!!.. +

  25. The guy in the waders (4:40) is not actually in the water. He's in front of a green screen & CGI'ed into the water. Clues: the dark area shimmering beneath his image and the fact that his body is leaving no wake at all, upstream or downstream, of the water flowing quickly past him.
    1) Is a shot of the intrepid (but not even damp) reporter standing in the water necessary to the report?
    2) This is a perfect example of how easy it is to lie with CGI.

    Shame on you, NBC. You belittle the actual suffering and struggle of the people whose homes, businesses & lives have been upended or totally destroyed.

  26. If N. Korea’s testing missals is bothering Japan, then Japan needs to do something about it! It’s not a US issue, at this point!

  27. The pineal gland of Israel is open Pharoah let my people go🐃🦍😄😉

  28. This broadcast is all about the hard choices

  29. amerika finally getting paid in full !

  30. What's up with Letterman's beard? Guess it's been a while since I've seen him, hmmm?


  32. Joe Biden is a pedophile traitor. We watched him on camera, disgusting.

  33. Thanks Ellen, you just slapped the real survivor's in the face saying how he wanted to touch you then calling it abuse.. if you only knew the real horror, maybe then you would have worded your tale differently. If your considering yourself a victim, well thats wrong of you too.

  34. I agree with President’s Trump comment on Joe Biden. Look at Joe’s past.


  36. The girl was lost in the jungle she didn't discover a cure for cancer. we're hearing about this for the third day in a row who cares

  37. Matrixflights com is the cheapest site to book on.

  38. Kristen sure knows how to work her looks.

  39. The only complainers on abortion are whores. Guess women are finally being held accountable for spreading their legs.

  40. Hi Savannah baby honey yummy yummy yummy Guthrie.

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