Nightly News Full Broadcast (December 29th)

Two killed, including suspect, in Texas church shooting, suspect in custody after five stabbed at Hanukkah celebration, and massive winter storm brings dangerous conditions and travel woes.


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  1. These jewish folks are receiving their Karma and it ain't finished

  2. The medical system will bankrupt us all.

  3. White settlement Texas, that is an actual name that they kept all this time. That's all I need to know.

  4. Among all these horrible news we have the gift of Poppy!
    I'm so glad Poppy recovered and has grown fluffy hair!

  5. I would call that a Medicare fraud if they come in person would do such a thing we'd be in jail incarcerated for fraud

  6. Arm your grandma, pets and babies too 😃..

  7. When will the nra see that something needs to be done about gun laws

  8. …and That's why you don't take guns away from law abiding citizens!

  9. So sad and scary I’m glad the Church was armed!

  10. We need to ban knives! There are too many knives in this country.

  11. All prescriptions must be banned and patients should buy pills yourself. This is the only way to make market economy work in healthcare. Doctors make too much money writing in these simple pieces of paper. Every time you need to buy new contact lenses you also have to pay your doctor for prescription, i.e. you pay a doctor literally for doing nothing.

  12. For main stream media that wasn’t to bad. Did I just watch the whole segment without feeling nauseous at all ?
    Not bad NBC . Not bad

  13. America "The Insane" not "The Beautiful"!

  14. Texas loves drama.

    You need more guns, more Christianity, more and better social theater. The world is over populated.

  15. I only saw ducking and hiding. I wonder if they were waiting for some holy spirit to tackle and deal with the gunman. I believe pple need to be more proactive to help one another, and combat all evils. There are no angels with wings, that are going to fly about and help those hiding behind very low, and generously exposed seatings.

  16. The drug manufacturers are some of the GREEDIEST EVIL MF'ers. On earth. Taking advantage of the sick and dying.

  17. I feel so sorry for the animals that don't know who's causing all this

  18. $2.27 for gas in fort worth!? Damned im paying 3.00! Tf?

  19. Because one night of fireworks is worth burning down your whole country, who births these morons ?


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