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Nintendo at E3 2019 in 11 Minutes

Nintendo at E3 2019 in 11 Minutes

All the biggest announcements from Nintendo.

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  1. I saw Banjo-Kazooie I clucked


  3. I thought they were announcing banjo threiee at first then I got sad

  4. I came here only for pokemon 😛

  5. Nintendoooo pleasee remake star fox please please

  6. Calm down people BOW 2 is not coming out anytime soon just look at Metroid we will be lucky to see BOW 2 by 2022

  7. hype is real this fall for the new smash characters. And LM3

  8. Hype Train’s running over so many people that it’s causing a genocide.

    I miss my family.

  9. Banjo Kazooie may have single-handedly convinced me to buy a switch

  10. Everyones ontop of BOTW 2, but I am HYPED for animal crossing.

  11. I just love nintendo minus nvidia in it…

  12. What a joke. I was a Nintendo fan my entire life but they died off after the gamecube and early on with the Wii. I just sold my Switch. RE5 and 6 seriously? Wow…

  13. Only game that looks like it will be good is Zelda.

  14. Nintendo: Star Fox… But dragon.

    Saitama: ok.


  16. When the best announcements at E3 were 2 DLC  from the same game and the  second part of a game that won't be available for at least 2 years . You know E3 was weak .

  17. meh. don't bother if there aren't any new super smash game. Trash.

  18. Banjo made me scream so loud my mom came in my room and asked if I was okay

  19. I really need to buy a switch it's looking like the most exciting console in years.

  20. Cyberpunk was game of show

  21. Imagine if at the end of the conference it got all silent then Metroid theme started playing.

    That would made the E3 explode.

  22. Oh fuckers. Banjo and Kazooie deserve their own game again.
    Make it.

  23. Still waiting for that Waluigi game though but the games announced look great

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