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Nintendo's $200 Switch Lite is coming on September 20th

Nintendo's $200 Switch Lite is coming on September 20th

The rumors were true: Nintendo was working on a new kind of Switch, and here it is. The Switch Lite is a slightly different console, designed for handheld play, and will arrive September 20th priced at $200. When it does land, it’ll come in three different color choices. No more neon red, you’ll be able to pick from yellow, gray and turquoise options. But that substantial price cut comes with some spec differences.

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  1. If you must have only one Switch get the original. This one is too limited and at $200 it's not much of a bargain.

  2. I'm buying it for 160 or less

  3. Nintendo Switchn't lite.

  4. But the switch lite does not switch…..

  5. 01:31 Don't play while pooping, you can get hemorrhoids that way…

  6. This is so ridiculous that technology looks stupid old Totally not worth it $200 It should be $50

  7. Nintendo switch retarded edition

  8. any information about the screen resolution?

  9. So it's a switch that cant switch. Great!

  10. When Nintendo releases a cheap version of a console, they really do let you know it's the cheap version.

  11. Is it me or does it look like a psp?

  12. Why i will buy nintendo switch lite and it's don't switch!!!!!!! just for the price?? NEVER!

  13. Don't worry. Your game saves can now be locked to a console that won't link to a TV and, if the sticks eventually start to drift like FIVE of mine have, you won't be able to swap it out with a new joycon. Yayyyyyyy!!

  14. The Vita still has the best premium looking design. God rest the dead.

  15. For me, the loss of the ability to connect to the TV outweighs the pros…
    No thanks. I'll stick with the current Switch.

  16. i wonder if it has bluetooth

  17. This product is ridiculous!!!! They are going to take out more than half of the best core features (like connecting to a TV for a full HD experience), make it smaller, cheaply built, and not even increase the battery life by much. You can buy a used switch for the same price, if not a few dollars more. The price point of this should be $150 not $200!!! Has anyone ever heard of Wii Mini? Most likely not because it had the same asinine concept as this piece of crap. I hope this product fails and teaches Nintendo a lesson about the downfall of greed!!!

  18. The Stick drift will be unbelievable in this model.

  19. Wait, why is it called a switch then?

  20. I'll keep my switch thanks.

  21. This product should fail because you can add 100 extra dollars to play on TV you and your family

    What a waste of nintendo's time

  22. The new Un-switch is looking pretty dope

  23. Just got my Switch in March
    I was about to be upset about the $100 off. However, since there's no tv or ability to chance joycons I'm happy. Lol.i was about to be pissed

  24. Like what they did to 3ds. 2ds was the cheaper version.

  25. I’ll wait for the pro. And for the gen 1-4 Pokemon remakes to make their way onto the switch

  26. What a waste of money, this is not worth 200$. At lost it should be 150$.

  27. Looks like fusee gelee won't be working on this, since it uses a different chip entirely

  28. It's pretty much a upgraded version of a Gameboy advance Name it game advantage

  29. Sorry but this the no dock limitation is BS. Its called a Switch for a reason. They should of let you connect a USB type C to HDMI cable.

  30. No joyconz. Wtf no thanks

  31. Cannot wait for Witcher 3 Potatoe mode.
    My body is ready for the frame drops. Hit me.

  32. Lol this design is just sloppy.

  33. My phone has a bigger screen. There is so much unused space for a bigger screen on the switch lite, it's ridiculous. Hopefully it's at least a better one than the original switch, which had a very lousy black level.

  34. I like how everyone is screaming about paying 200 dollars, when some how payed over 400 bucks for a play station.

  35. This is totally stupid and expensive, you can get a full system for 40€ more nowadays.

  36. why did they make the screen so small! Its smaller than my iphone now.

  37. I won a 150 dollar gift card at work and I brought 2 games Shenmue 1 and 2 and Dead rising for the xbox one I have 102 dollars left on my gamestop gift card and it's all going too the new Nintendo swicth mini can you say I'm not paying full price I cant wait

  38. Wish they woulda trimmed that bezel with that and dpad I woulda bought it.

  39. A Switch that doesn’t switch. I’ll pass.

  40. Soooo… like an XXXL DS? lol

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