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No Christmas Service At Notre Dame Cathedral For First Time In Over 200 Years | NBC Nightly News

Eight months after a blaze tore through the beloved Notre Dame Cathedral’s roof, the cathedral’s rector says there’s “maybe a 50% chance it will be saved.”
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No Christmas Service At Notre Dame Cathedral For First Time In Over 200 Years | NBC Nightly News


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  1. So went the pyramids (Egypt and otherwise), stonehenge, etc. Religions, and their physical structures, have a finite time on this earth like everything else. Get over it.

  2. News Alert
    SATANIC Winter solstice celebration to Apollyon the (Roman Sun God) are missed this year at Satanic Notre dame day of Christ-Mas and hundreds of Protestants cheer!

  3. The most corrupt religion in American history filled with pedophilia funneled Nazi war criminals to Italy and more murders than the Clinton Trail and those are the facts

  4. When Jesus does come back a lot of people will be in trouble.

  5. The Pope in cahoots with Muslim make sure it was burned down

  6. So much history in that cathedral. I wonder how many little kids were abused there since it was built.

  7. And NBC cheers. NBC SUCKS EPSTEIN.

  8. That guy wasn’t French ! He looked more Irish to me

  9. Do not worship the building. Because Jesus ONLY taught in huge ridiculously ornate buildings covered in false idols. I bet when Christ returns HE will walk into the Vatican Church and say " Thanks Guys this is just what I wanted you to do, build an outrageously expensive building covered in idols." Sarcasm in case you don't understand.

  10. Just call the Freemasons. They are the ones that built it.

  11. Its how the grinch stole Christmas lol. But honestly if you wanted fiction on Christmas the usa network was running a harry potter Marathon. At least thats entertaining.

  12. There is web cam video of someone on the scaffolding of the roof in the area where fire started. Look it up because the news won't show you.

  13. Hopefully they can build it back to exactly how it was. Probably will take 10 years though to carefully restore it until they're putting immense resources into the restoration project.

  14. 1:10 NBC reporter playing role of frenchmen

  15. Let it burn let it burn let it burn

  16. They finally admitted they are really Jews and worship the Beast.


  18. Out of the Stone Age and into the light of day…prolly not.

  19. That’s not a real church ⛪️ haha 😂 those people are sick

  20. Oh no, where will all the kids be molested by catholic priests this year?!

  21. Raised all that money for what? To keep it apparently….

  22. How's good ol hunchback? Still smoking crack with Jack down by the train track?

  23. I saw the reflection of the flames in the upturned champagne glass of a particular President's wife as she (?) coincidentally drifted past this "unexpected" event.
    'All of this for a flag'

  24. Change begins from the heart but my wanker wont let my heart get it's way! #$%@ ME

  25. They got 100 million in donations. For that kind of money they could tear it down and build an exact replica. Stop trying to save it…. Just start over.

  26. If I build falls it shall be reborn strong better it more than a symbol it’s a very very very world wide building for all I think the world can rebuild for a future stronger it must be done I have photos And the world has engineers the best that’s what it’s gonna take

  27. Good Christmas is a paganism

  28. Notre Dame survived The Plague and two world wars but couldn’t survive 10% MusIim population. Just so happens church fires are rising in France too. 🤔

  29. Now there's talks that the church won't be saved. At first, I was willing to give it the benefit of a doubt that it was just a freak accident. Just so I want get into "conspiracy" territory and didn't want to jump the gun. Now, I can almost say for certain that someone/some people have done this. This is just another way to try and erase French culture, western culture. And its just too obvious.

  30. Never forget…the dome of the rock caught on fire at the same time….#BDS

  31. Just what them muslims wanted bruh

  32. It was on fire by a terrorist attempt

  33. Am I the only who thinks those corny closing statements, "People are just hoping that this Christmas wish…will come true.", are so cringey?

  34. Guess it'll be a…
    silent night

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