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Noah Cyrus Reacts To Lil Xan Being Sent To The Hospital | Hollywoodlife

Noah Cyrus gets emotional over Lil Xan hospitalization. Plus – Ella Mai might be suing over a remix of her song.
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Lil Xan got his fans into a tizzy when he posted a photo of himself in the back of an ambulance on Sept. 24. It turned out that he was fine – he just ate one too many hot Cheetos – but the incident still scared his ex-girlfriend Noah Cyrus. “Noah was really, really upset when she found out Lil Xan was in the hospital,” a friend of her sister Miley Cyrus tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, adding that she was “crying” after she got the news.

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Noah Cyrus Was ‘Crying’ Over Lil Xan’s Hospitalization: His Cheetos Scare Was ‘Traumatic For Her’

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Lil Xan Hospitalized: Fans Freak After He Posts Pic In Back Of An Ambulance

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Noah Cyrus Reacts To Lil Xan Being Sent To The Hospital For Eating Flaming Hot Cheetos | Hollywoodlife


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  1. Who else is not eating Hot Cheetos for a while?

  2. Breaking your foot hurts so damn bad

  3. Noah: Oh my gosh are you dying xan?!?! Why are you in the hospital?

    Lil Xan: Its horrible! I ate too many hot cheetos

    Noah: ……. click.

  4. Cheetos gon’ betray you ! 💀

  5. They both ugly, match made in hell?

  6. I thought that was a trans flag in the thumbnail..

  7. Lol the thumbnail reminds me of the moth meme

  8. If i met lil xan I'll kick his ass


  10. Holy shit I’m eating hot Chito‘s as I’m watching this I’m scared that I’m gonna die me a lil xan need to go to rehab

  11. How could she miss it? It was all over google that he overdosed on hot cheetos..

  12. Lil xan is a lil cunt saying tupac musics boring !!!you dont have to like pacs music but have some respect for who he was and the talent he had….pac would destroyed him without even trying if he was still here….xan aint ever going to be on pacs level…these mumble jumble talentless pricks need to do us all a favour and go pop another xanax or 20

  13. They made a good lesbian Couple

  14. Bruh they ain’t even togethere it was fake

  15. Don’t blame hot Cheetos on him being hospitalized. This kid is a junkie,he’s always fucked up on some kind of drug.

  16. “ xan Hurt Noah” are you insane ? Noah hurt him more like

  17. They had a fake relationship u idiots

  18. I hope he dies it better for him


  20. If I was her I would laugh my head off and say” karma ya prick 🤣

  21. I just heard of Noah Cyrus I did not know who she was lol but I like her a lot she is so gorgeous

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