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Nokia, Alcatel and Android Go at MWC 2018

Nokia, Alcatel and Android Go at MWC 2018

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  1. No entendí una pija de todo lo que hablo forro hacelo en el español culiao

  2. The Nokia phone has the same phone size as the iPhone 8… oh

  3. It's so annoying all these go apps are not available to download for older budget phones or any one you want it for. You only limited a a couple of the apps.

  4. The problem they put very slow procs on it. Its faster to buy chinese crap who use mediatek than those Go phones

  5. Dude flagship android phones and tabs lag ahta a year Wtf google .? All of them lag aftar a year or 2

  6. 4,7" harkens back to design of old?! The friggin’ iPhone is 4.7”!!!!!!

  7. Okay, i understand about this go edition. But what about android one edition?its used to be for midrange, but even nokia 8 scirocco use android one. So are they changing android one, as an android os/skin/ui to be used by other manufacturer without any custom rom or skin on top like samsung, huawei and etc.

  8. Why do people say 18 by 9, when its 18 to 9 or 2 to 1? Because 18 by 9 is 18 x 9, this is 18 to 9 is 18 : 9

  9. Android go es una gran apuesta empresarial, el uso de los smartphones crecerá muy rápido especialmente en los mercados emergentes así que generará grandes beneficios a las empresas tecnológicas, esa es la razón, a pesar de que poco a poco los consumidores han migrado a interesarse por la gama media

  10. Hope Google eventually port this out to Chromebooks (while at the same time polishing it for desktop use), developing nations could benifit more on that

  11. Not as limited!??? It lags the first instance you touch the screen. FAILa

  12. Windows 10 Mobile works brilliantly on 1MB of RAM and it serviced primarily the lowish end, which is of course why they got rid of it.

    And now Android Go moves into the space with a full suite of Google apps. So this is a big failure from Microsoft yet again.

  13. 2nd phone for me aside from my primary super expensive phone that have everything but only 2900mAH battery.

  14. I still can’t get over that the Nokia 1 is way overpriced unfortunately

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