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Nokia Lumia 1020 video sample using 1080p at 30fps | Engadget

Nokia Lumia 1020 video sample using 1080p at 30fps | Engadget

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  1. Such good audio that it only records in the right channel. XD

  2. horrible video stabilization and the focus sucks

  3. Maybe a touch better than my HTC One GPe.

  4. Good audio. I hope the phone's speakerphone is as loud/clear as it records audio. Windows 8 phone isn't a mess to work with like an Android.

  5. quality is great no battery amovible no micro sd no usb storage no radio fm lol bye bye

  6. Compare this to the s4 zoom footage on the right… you can still tells its a camera phone but this blows the s4 out the water

  7. The Girl by 0:58 think "what for a amazing Handy"

  8. Thank god it doesnt have android.

  9. what is up with the sound, can't hear the left channel.

  10. I hope you tipped that guy because that was amazing!

  11. Good audio quality, wonder if tester got all the options right, phone appears to be constantly focus and when he moved around image looked poor and laggy

  12. was the stabilization option off?? coz when u move the device around the vid gets crappy

  13. I expected more. Both the focus and stabilization are not even close to what was expected from promo, though i must admit that the sound quality is pretty good

  14. It looks like the camera is constantly trying to focus ?

  15. Lol the guy singing. #GetLucky

  16. walk around, I wanna see the benefit of the stabilization

  17. Anyone else disappointed that the lossless "zoom" wasn't featured in this video??? C'mon Engadget!

  18. The beats poster is annoying

  19. Heheh, yeah, they stole it.

  20. Why did you choose to record in the most awkward spot possible?

  21. lol, you probably don't know this but "the best microphone" you're talking about was co-developed by Nokia and STM, and stolen by HTC. Google the following phrase and read for yourself:
    nokia htc microphone

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