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Not Without My Brother! | Dogtown

Not Without My Brother! | Dogtown

These two dogs are about to be separated for the first time, but before that happens they must learn how to socialize with others.
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Not Without My Brother! | Dogtown

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  2. Dogs are not human, the docile one will always be submissive towards his older kin. And the older kin, who rely on the submissive younger siblings, would attached too much to his siblings.

    Sound cruel, but the highest chance of being adopted is to get them separated and socialized with the outside world. Because once being together again, they will g back to their old habits, which can be detriment.

    Socialized dogs are more accepted than brotherly pairs.

  3. I have dogs like them who always sticks together and even care for each other a lot…the difference is they are females named DORE and MIDO they grow up together and help each other when other dogs attack them…

  4. It's difficult in this situation, because even if they were adopted together, they'd still need the independent socialization skills, and dogs often socialize better if they're allowed to stay in the new situation rather than going back to their own territory. As nice as it would be, their rehabilitation is much better and quicker if they are separated long term

  5. We adopted our boys from a local shelter. Charlie and Linus are brothers and they are black and tan hound/ German Shepard Mixes. We couldn't bare to pull them apart. They get along very well and we're happy with our decision to adopt both of them.

  6. I've been doing rescue for English Springer Rescue America, Inc. for 13 years and only ONCE have I ever seperated a bonded pair. IMHO, this was an incorrect call.

  7. I think it is shameful to separate them.

  8. hows the other dog doing???

  9. i hate adverts i got internet to get away from that , but its getting like tv and thats going to spoil it in the end we should not put averts to videos make one called averts and let people deside if they want to wach , they should ban them

  10. They are giving them better lifes but brothers shouldn't be spit up….

  11. @superman11978 Just because Remington was good with other dogs, doesn't change that his brother wasn't.

  12. @mommas0152 i know eh like bring em back this is just awful and then when i think abotu geting seperated from my brother man that would just be awful!

  13. dogs tail was up the WHOLE time, do you not watch dog whisperer :O CORRECTION!

  14. I feel really bad for reminton's brother. ;(

  15. Naw they look a lot like our dogs crossed together, that is a pointer x german shorthair pointer. I would have adopted them together, aw.

  16. @kimmyg1989 To be fair, they were trying to get them used to different dogs and sometimes two dogs who have bonded can act differently around new ones.

  17. We got our dog from a place that had a male dog, and our neighbors took him, they don't get to see each other all the time, but they see each other a couple of times a day.

  18. They could have brought the brothers back together after the dog had gotten used to the other dogs. He proved that he was adoptable and could be separated from his brother, so I don't know why they had to keep them apart. Keep 'em together until they get adopted, and hope that they get adopted together, but if not then at least you are sure that they'll do well apart.

  19. when my sister adopted her dog it was with its brother before she adopted him since birth and he was crying the whole time for a few weeks when she took him home with her…He was most likley crying because he missed his brother..

  20. This "happened" because you don't seem to understand what's happening in the video and then you told me to "stfu" like some immature punk. Just stop, ok. You've been buried and it's time to move on. Watch some more really good NatGeog vids.

  21. if it doesnt matter wat age i am, then y u say im 29 years old, huh?
    if it hasent been u replying the first comment, then this wont happen jerk dipshit

  22. They probably don't want to separate them, but the dogs have to learn to socialize with other animals. Otherwise, they could probably never be adopted and would never get to have loving homes, like they would otherwise.

    These people are trained in helping dogs be ready to adopted into loving homes, who are you to tell them they're not doing their job right?

  23. It doesn't matter what your age is or if your a boy or not. What matters is you're a tard or goof. Take your pick. You don't know what your talking about and you don't listen. I'm sure you make an ass out of yourself a lot. So I'm going to say what most people say to you … "stop watching tv and playing video games all day long"

  24. Hmmm, you're 29 years old, I swear it's like talking to a 9 year old kid. I'll call you Billy K. Billy, you see, the thing is, I'm not a dog, so don't say stupid things like "wat if u a dog". Next, what's best for the dogs is to be able to find a loving home for them. The most likely senario is that they will not be adopted together. Now Billy, the thing about animals is that they adapt to new situations wayyyyy better than most humans. The dogs will be fine.

  25. uhh wat if u a dog n u dont wnna be seperated with ur bro/sis
    and i know i dont know much about dogs but u should be ashame of urself too cus u dont know about dogs alot either, only dogs know much more then u so shut the f*** up

  26. You should pay attention to the narrator. Those people know what's best for the dogs … and you don't.

  27. thats sad, remington wants to be with his brother but u seperated them! y wont u just take both of them to introduce to new dogs?

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