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Notorious eyeglass scammer sent to prison for the third time

They say hindsight is 20-20 — but not for this recidivist eyeglass salesman.

A Ukrainian-born spectacle peddler with a history of ripping off his customers — and threatening them when they complain — was sentenced to prison for the third time Wednesday.

Vitaly Borker, 42, was slapped with a two-year federal prison term in Manhattan federal court for mail fraud, wire fraud and related conspiracy charges.

His first stint in prison came in 2012, when he was sentenced to four years after he threatened to kill and rape women who complained about receiving shoddy specs from his e-glasses business, DecorMyEyes.com.

Borker was released on parole in 2015, but prosecutors say that he went right back to his old tricks, launching a new business that ran the same con, OpticsFast.com, from the Sheepshead Bay section of Brooklyn.

He was hit with the fraud charges in 2017, but before the case could be concluded, cops picked him up for violating his parole, and he was sent to prison for two years.

His sentence Wednesday was for the 2017 fraud case.

Prosecutors say that Borker sent threatening messages to Michael Voller, a co-defendant in the case who flipped for the government.

Last Thanksgiving, Borker sent a message to Voller accusing him of lying to a judge and to prosecutors and implying that Voller is going to get locked up himself.

“Next year will be filled with strip searches, visitation, [prison-messaging app] corrlinks, lockdowns, marshal transports, handcuffs & leg irons and of course many tears,” Borker said in his text. “Count on it.”

At his sentencing on Wednesday, Borker, who was wearing a khaki-colored jail uniform, tearfully expressed remorse for his crimes.

“I should have told the truth,” he said.

But Circuit Judge Paul Gardephe was unmoved, griping that he could not recall a case in which a defendant left prison and “so quickly” resumed committing the same crimes that got them locked up in the first place.

Gardephe said that Borker still poses a danger to the community and questioned whether he actually feels remorse for his crimes.

“The reality is Mr. Borker is in this situation because of the very poor decisions that he made and those decisions have to have consequences,” the judge said.

Borker’s attorney declined to comment following the sentencing.


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