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Now That Trump Has Been Impeached, What Happens Next? | NBC News NOW

The House of Representatives has voted to impeach President Trump. But what happens next in the Senate? NBC News’ Danny Cevallos walks through what could happen in a Senate trial.
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Now That Trump Has Been Impeached, What Happens Next? | NBC News NOW


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  1. Witness what? Success?..don't see any in from the dems side,junkie Biden,well dodgy Pellosi jnr etc etc,these poeple are fuckt, c'mon Donald unleash.the dawgs you know you/we want it,why keep them in the kennels? I was let loose,95% reduced pollution complaints in 1 year,sorta legal tactics, Soprano style..but it got results,kinda legal..ish,just…?

  2. It's all a a smear campaign. The democrats are showing how desperate they have become. Trump 2020.

  3. Yeahhhhhhh except they haven’t sent the articles, so he hasn’t been impeached, yeah that too

  4. What happens next is the House waits until November to pass the impeachment to the Senate, just as the Repubs waited until Trump was elected for the Supreme Court. Duh…two can play the same game.

  5. What will happen next after impeachment?
    Trump is still your President.


  6. Trump already sold America! It is gonna take decades & decades to bring America back to normal

  7. It took you two minutes to conclude with “we don’t know what happens next”. Some network you have here

  8. Lol. Someone educate NBC on politics of impeachment because they've been huffing some paint.

  9. That was remarkably balanced for NBC. Pretty much just the facts. No jamming in of political perspective.

  10. President Trump has NOT been impeached because the articles of Impeachment MUST be transferred to the Senate- Republicans. It will die there, so democrats refuse to COMPLETE THE PROCESS, and admit having lost.

  11. Is he impeached? I don't think so….ummmm did our President break any laws? Nope!

  12. In all those law books somewhere there must be a writ for time limits, like statute of limitations for what seems like w/holding evidence. Talk about a quid pro quo!

  13. Nothing happens. Dems (and the liberal media) will just find new unfair ways to attack the man because they know they can't win the 2020 election and can't stand the prospect of another 4 years of President Trump. Thus they "attack."

  14. What happens next? Trump wins big in 2020!

  15. It’s means Trump wins 2020. 🇺🇸

  16. Impeached for asking for a very corrupt politician to be investigated. I'm pretty sure every independent voter will now vote for Trump. Well done Democrats.

  17. 45-th President USA Donald John Trump
    01/20/2017 – 01/20/2025
    God is with us !

  18. This is a joke. Donald Trump knows it and everyone else watching who isn’t a dumb politician knows it

  19. Biased news , don't expect to find the truth here

  20. What happens next?
    NBC: "we don't know"

    Thank you NBC. I learned a lot

    When will you quit lying?!?!?

    You are trying to be slick, man have you double talked, BIG TIME, IN THIS LIE OF A STORY!!

  22. A criminal in a white house… Obama didn't get impeached not in first term not in the second

  23. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. He can actually decide if he is going to actually leave office,

  24. Crazy how all the comments are pro trump. It's like the liberal nazi propaganda isn't working haha

  25. In a nutshell the Democrats became complacent, lost an election to an outsider and now realize their grip on power isn’t a given like they thought. Now since they cannot win on issues they use smear tactics to demonize Trump and try to chip away at the independent vote. Now the masses of sheep who believe everything the lock-step Liberal controlled media say are believing that an evil tyrant hijacked the country and is mindlessly focused on killing the planet and everyone with brown skin. By the Democrats rolling the dice on the flailing impeachment smear tactic and risking losing large swaths of voters, it shows just how desperate they’ve become. The problem is that this strategy is creating major stress on millions of gullible, low information voters, who trust the word of the media as they always have and are now suffering needlessly. In reality the only crime Trump is guilty of is trying to do his best to run the country under constant duress and daring to interrupt the corrupt grip the establishment has on the government.

  26. What did Mr. Trump do to the Jews when they seem to be so vociferously against him?

  27. this means nothing but a waste of money from tax payers..this has gone for 3 years and for democrats nothing would have been done on US but trying to imp the President Trump, as a democrat for almost 30 years i never felt so much shame of this broken lying party, yeah president Trump can be a bit harsh sometimes but i feel that under fire he has done what no one did before and by the way always under this hateful pressure imagine if he had some support..he would do even greater things. This time im voting all the way (with my family ) for Trump..he actually made my life better in therms of savings, i can experience a real difference on my lifestyle now about 10%-15% extra(at least) Trump has really been a great President for the people and now i do understand why all the hype that Republicans have with him…count me in

  28. President Trump is going to get re-elected in a landslide, and liberal heads will continue exploding for another 4 years.

  29. Ahaha Hahahahah my evil plan worked

  30. He hasn’t been impeached!

  31. Just so you guys know. NBC news is liberal media

  32. Whether he's removed or not, the DOOFUS will always be criminally insane and humanly incompetent.


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