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NRATV Collapses

NRATV Collapses

NRATV is no more. Brooke Thomas, John Iadarola, and Nando Vila, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

Read more here: https://www.mediaite.com/news/nra-reportedly-stopping-production-of-nratv/

“NRA TV has ceased production after the latest legal battles between the National Rifle Association and its rogue advertising firm Ackerman McQueen resulted in the two completely severing ties.

“Many members expressed concern about the messaging on NRATV becoming too far removed from our core mission: defending the Second Amendment,” wrote NRA chief executive Wayne LaPierre in a memo slated to be sent out on Wednesday but was published by the New York Times on Tuesday night.

“So, after careful consideration, I am announcing that starting today, we are undergoing a significant change in our communications strategy,” LaPierre added. “We are no longer airing ‘live TV’ programming.”

Ackerman McQueen, which was responsible for producing NRATV, has been embroiled in numerous lawsuits with the NRA — even as the pro-gun group struggles to keep its doors open due to funding shortages — despite their tight-knit relationship going back nearly four decades. But an NRA board member, Joel Friedman, suggested the split was meant to be, saying it was “just an affirmation of what we’ve known is going to happen.”

Ackerman McQueen chief executive Revan McQueen voiced regret Tuesday that the firm’s “longstanding, formerly productive relationship comes to an end in this fashion.” An Ackerman Mcqueen statement also suggested the break up was inevitable, as they said they were “not surprised that the N.R.A. is unwilling to honor its agreement to end our contract and our long-standing relationship in an orderly and amicable manner.”

Hosts: Brooke Thomas, John Iadarola, Nando Vila

Cast: Brooke Thomas, John Iadarola, Nando Vila


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  1. What do you think of the NRA shutting down NRATV? Let us know in the comments.

  2. Aah.. and nothing of value was lost.

  3. I am disappointed that you (the media) seem so happy about the loss of another voice, even if it is the NRA's. As journalists, you should be ashamed of the way you portrayed this story. Your basis is blatantly apparent and that is not journalism. When your voice is silenced, I hope someone cries for you, as you should be crying for the loss of the NRA.

  4. hickok45
    ? come on, at least subscribe to forgotten weapons also.

  5. Dana Loesch can crawl back into the sewer where it came from.

  6. Shoot all the sick bastards

  7. Dana Loesch, She looks like She might be a victim of spontaneous human combustion; The hate on her face WOW!

  8. NRA…National Penis Association.

  9. Reviews of guns? They could never do that. Everything would be 5 stars and how great it would be for shooting immigrants and liberals.

  10. //like a reality TV show, a bunch of conservatives given loaded guns accidentally shoot each other dead//

  11. The NRA lost it's way many years ago when they started being a political lobbying organization representing gun manufacturers who's livelihood depends on their interpretation of the second amendment and more recently Russian oligarchs trying to influence our elections and politicians with NRA laundered cash instead of promoting gun/hunter safety and marksmanship their original mission. Their time is up and they have no one to blame but themselves.

  12. "Your time is running out."


    "They are going to take away your guns."



    Nope, wrong people.




    Nope, wrong people.


    Also wrong people.







    "Then who?"

    You were right the second time, aliens.




    Got it.


    LMFAO! No, no they are not.


    Is God's intent on having rich people more likely to go to heaven than poor/lazy people? Let us check with Jesus. Jesus?

    Jesus: "A rich man has much of a chance going to heaven as finding a single gold coin in a stack of hay."

    In other words, very much unlikely.

    Jesus: "Correct."

    But a poor person can go to heaven as long as they accept you, correct?

    Jesus: "Correct, acceptance of me only applies to poor people, not rich people. I created communism. Deal with it."

  13. People still need the NRA who els will defend the 2nd ammendment.

  14. Putin just stopped sponsoring It 😂😂😂

  15. Ya know I've always found it really funny that in general conservatives are the ones against gun control and liberals are the ones more for it. It's just kinda opposite of their values though I guess guns are traditional and conservatives like tradition. I really don't see why we can't close the loopholes in the current system I know overall most Americans are for doing that at least it would be trying to solve the gun violence problem in America.

  16. NRAtv is DEAD. Have some "thoughts & prayers" on our behalf. 😑

  17. Hahahahahahhahaha NRA TV hahahahaha and I thought Nascar was stupid.

  18. Hickock45👍
    Lovely old guy, great channel.


  20. Dana Loesch … You mean Cruella de Vil.

  21. It will be a great day when tyt goes away.

  22. Every time I see these female GOP shills like this b** Candace Owens Sarah Palin I think borderline personality disorder. The GOP loves borderlines

  23. This is a banner day! First Ivanka is an embarrassment at the G20, the a Fox Field Reporter gets Jeered in a bar with Anti-Trump Slogans, now this!
    This is Indeed 'Christmas In July'! 🎄🎅🎁🎋😀

  24. I'm sad, that was my favorite comedy show

  25. so glad that the nra is having so many problems, and that their nra tv is shutting down…it was horrible… but these twits in this video are just that….twits.. the dude at the end says that the liberal left "could learn a lot from the nra" … WTF you moron…please TYT edit your shit

  26. NRA TV was what I would have expected have been created as a parody of the NRA by people on the left. It was nothing but the stoking of paranoia and cultural resentments for white conservatives.

  27. If you're sick of of gun advocacy and ownership being controlled by right wingers and fascists sympathizers and are a PoC, LGBTQ, who doesn't want to get shot join the Socialist Rifles Association.

  28. The NRA is a purely political white nationalist organization who work very closely with gun manufacturers to instill fear into white people in America that brown and black people are coming to get them and that they all need massive firepower to stop this deeply perceived menace to their existence. The NRA instils the fears and the gun manufactures reap the profits that they share with the NRA and diabolical Republican politicians with massive campaign donations such as those that got us the horror and menace of Trump.

  29. I think this was the same reaction the FOX News crowd had when Air America went off the air.

  30. The NRA is run by a bunch of lowlife assholes.
    But that doesn't mean I'm giving up my rights to defend myself to the best of my abilities.
    Everyone has a right to self defense
    And I enjoy target practice
    But that's okay because it says "life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness! "

  31. From U.K. Just curious. Why is the right to bare arms limited to guns? What’s wrong with Explosives or Chemical? You could take out a whole city with a pint of nerve agent.

  32. Oh you're talkin about
    Hitchcock 45 y'all yeah I love watching that old dudes Channel just loves talking about guns

  33. NRA TV first now, next is the NRA.

  34. We don't need the NRA. Pass any bolshevik gun law you want. We wont comply and the cops you send to force compliance will be shot at. You're a bunch of sociopaths and none of you have the gonads to show up at the door yourselves to put teeth to your "Australia style gun buyback" bullshit.

    Get raped.

  35. The Young Turks You may not be aware that a growing number of gun enthusiasts and 2nd amendment advocates feel that the NRA is out of touch and don’t approve of the fear mongering they use but are pretty much stuck with them as by far the biggest proponents of gun rights.

  36. Now if only an Australian fascist racist would suddenly go broke

  37. nra only likes you if you murder kids in schools………..

  38. NRA leadership needs to feel the pain of loss due to their right wing terrorist advocacy. More kids have been killed in school than US soldiers overseas lately

  39. Really? Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. NRA 👉🖕 Tommy Becker's comment

  40. NRATV not on air doesn’t mean the end of the NRA. Might need to do some adjusting at the corporate level but the NRA is bigger than that. 2nd Amendment & gun rights are a key foundation of this country. There are plenty of other 2nd Amendment Associations more than capable of continuing the fight along with the NRA

  41. 🖕🏻 the NRA 🖕🏻 trump and 🖕🏻Everyone sucking Trumps Dirty dick💁🏼‍♀️🤪

  42. And they gave up without a gun fight? WTF$

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