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Nujeen | National Geographic

Nujeen | National Geographic

Nujeen wasn’t supposed to make it out of Syria, but that’s not stopping her dreams.
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National Geographic

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  1. Though odds were against her, Nujeen never stopped going after what she wanted. What are your thoughts on her story?

  2. كل شخص عنا بسوريا عم يشوفك فخور فيكي ❤❤

  3. This is amazing, I am so happy to find this.

  4. I love her so much. I definitely recommend her book!

  5. This touched my heart. 🙂 All the best for her!

  6. She gave me ligma just looking at her

  7. What the frick this almost made me cry! This is the cutest video I’ve ever seen. Probably one of the most motivational as well. Nujeen is adorable and impossible not to instantly fall in love with. When I heard her say that she had cerebral palsy, I was like, “Omg that’s so sad but she’s sooo cute!” Her story is incredibly inspiring. I’m so glad you guys shared it with us. So many people are hated upon just because of skin color, religion, or any differences in general. Racism and all the other discriminations are extremely stupid and unnecessary. I’m so glad she was able to overcome these terrible things that were appressing her. Nujeen is just the most adorable person I’ve seen on YouTube or TV or anything. She should become more widely known. Heck, she should be on Ellen or something. She deserves it! She’s incredibly brave to try to endure what she did. And she succeeded! I believe that she can be an astronaut! I think she could do anything she wants! God, Nujeen, you touch my heart. GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL YOU BEAUTIFUL CHILD! I LOVE YOU!

  8. I am confused… did they fly her back to Syria just to record this?

  9. May She be successful in her endeavors!

  10. Nunjeen i want to hold you. Thank you.

  11. i don't know,i was expecting something corny but this still got me thinking

  12. Believe me if u couldn't then who else can be

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