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NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference in under 13 minutes

*Jensen Huang

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  1. Summed in one sentence basically; Fastest GPU of 2017: 120 Teraflops.

  2. Mission accomplished. It's beastly dude

  3. That's really crazy. Getting closer to the matrix more than we think….

  4. yeah but can it simulate more then 10k rigidbody in real time with more then 20FPS?

  5. ISAAC, a character from Captain Marvel ?

  6. There is a Chinese saying that chasing a horse must control a horse.

  7. let me know when the gtx 1180ti comes out.

  8. Why is this guy asian but orange ?

  9. I have 350$ to upgrade something on my PC. My rig has good specs except the GPU. 32gb mem, i7 kaby Lake w corsair liquid cooler, MSI Z270 GAMING PRO CARBON LGA 1151 mobo, 4tb WD sshd hybrid and 512gb Intel m.2 NVMe. It came w a MSI Aero gtx 1080 at the time I needed a little $ (lost job) so I sold the 1080 and paid 140$ for a EVGA GTX 1050 TI sc. Well I'm not thrilled playing games on med med/high settings with it and the pc came w a EVGA 550wt NON modular PSU which I can't stand (seeing the different colored wires. So I thought about getting the EVGA GTX 1060 sc gaming since 6gb should get every 1920/1080 game back to high or ultra settings and a EVGA supernova 550wt gold fully modular. Some ppl or person in a forum said "don't do that everything is overpriced from crypto mining. Wait until the new year. Now I hardly ever have 350$ to upgrade my PC and I don't see some crazy price difference for the 1050 or 1060 cards right now. Maybe 20-40$ more which I'm fine with. Any thoughts? This 4gb card has problems keeping some games going smooth at a decent framerate. I think that I should just get the 1060 and PSU and be done w it. I've read many reviews that this 1060 handles 1080p games like a champ maxed w 60fps or more. Please help as I only have a day or 3 to decide. Thank you!

  10. Nice-We will drive to work-no hands and ater work -we will play Car-simulator 4K on our PC with weeel and shaking chair and manual gear stick and everything-lol

  11. how much will 2080, 2070 cost though?

  12. Tesla driver dies in first fatal crash while using autopilot mode

  13. I always new it would be NVIDIA that would be skynet rather than MS!

  14. stop all the nonesense,, just bring back the original company of heroes, we dont like company of heroes 2 damn it.

  15. So the V100 chip actually has more register than cache

  16. lol they created Isaac, what's next Ishmael? and computers tutoring computers, and sentience?

  17. did anyone of you alarmed by how they teach those robots? Skynet is inevitable.

  18. So Volta GTX 2000 series confirmed for Q4? Since they said OEMs so I'm guessing a GTX 2070 and 2080 in November or maybe a little earlier though if not it's likely 2018 Q2 with the usual and Q3 with the 2080 Ti

  19. sounds like gpu is way ahead of cpu

  20. That last little abit about ISAAC. It's basically evoloution x1,000,000,000

  21. Great, wonderful, fantastic… now.. when can I get a GTX with the V100 chip?

  22. So, they are building Skynet??

  23. so next year the CPU will be the bottleneck.

  24. according to their numbers…. there won't be a board that can handle this thru put for years.

  25. how can they call it holodeck?

  26. it is also can accelerated world domination by robot, and new beginning for Skynet 2.0!

  27. Jesus Christ ! They are serious about bringing singularity 🙂

  28. Someone buy this GPU and test if it can run Minecraft, quick

  29. isn't that Naruto's training process using multiple shadow clones?

  30. This guys touts around his "reticle limits" as a selling point, and I just see it as stagnation of the semiconductor materials industry.

  31. 2:26 when you have to talk about something that you have absolutely no idea …

  32. Another product I can't afford
    My bottom line concussion

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