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When: Saturday September 10th, 2016 @9:30am Where: Central Park by the Expo center on this map: http://www.komennyc.org/images/content/pagebuilder/racemap.gif

Explore With Me – http://bit.ly/1uNAdLQ
Yesterdays Video – https://youtu.be/XMJWKs1pSxc
Tomorrows Video –
One Year Ago – https://youtu.be/7DPBz8JIUmY

Erik Conover Video Blog episode 448: The start of apartment hunting in New York City!!


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  1. 4:18 dat fake ass laugh tho 💀 get the strap

  2. When he said "Taylor Swift" i watched it till the end

  3. Watching June 2017 just to reminisce and see Jess and Erik together again 🙁

  4. like for 50 shades reference

  5. First time watching your vlogs. Just finished "NYC APARTMENT HUNTING 2016!!"

    1. I appreciate your demeanor to the camera. You are pleasant to watch. You are enthusiastic at times, but not over the top. You speak of hardships at points and you don't get to down. Balance. What? Are you a Libra (I swear I'm not into that stuff, I just dated a few Libras that were hella balanced and all told me about it… don't gloat about being balanced, I'll break up with you).
    2. Hella nice camera… I don't know what it is, but keep THAT up!
    3. I have NO idea how long you've vlogged, but the images you capture, whether yourself or scenery, are on POINT. Good work, mate.
    4. It was an apartment tour video, by the title, and even though, somehow you were able to keep my interest while talking about your trip, your new tech toy, shopping for your girlfriend (the humor, candor and just pure fun you two have is AWESOME.)
    5. The Tour: I'll be honest, I was hoping to see a bit more, since I was actually watching your video cause I'm interested in moving to NYC, but you DID mention the video you did a year before, so now I'll go look for that, so it's not a total wash in that sense ;-P
    6. Wait. Did he just end his intro with "Smile More"???????????????????? Are you f'ing kidding me? Being a 37-yr-old Roman Soldier (yes… we exist), I felt a little let down by that. Yeah… it will take some getting used to if you keep saying that in every video like I imagine you will… but let's be honest, the pros outweigh that con. You are awesome. Smile More 😉

    PS I mean, dude, I even have some Smile More Merch… I'm vested in the ish… you feel me?

  6. Downvoted and reported for advertisement.

  7. Ok, Eric – It needs to be said. YOUR HAIR!!! UGH. So beautiful.

  8. Hi! Nice videos!Jessica looks very much like a Romanian singer, Antonia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5G0q8bgL7mw

  9. your a good looking couple

  10. Lovely but, it didn't mean my expectations, which was to see apartments and tips and tricks on the process. Poo. 🙁

  11. Loved the artist of the music in the background.👌

  12. once i move there in 2018,I am NEVER leaving

  13. NOOOOOOO, I MISSED THE MEET UP! Erik when are you doing another meet up????

  14. I remember when y'all were in the tiny little apartment that you had to eat on the ground in :,) MY heart.

  15. ive been thinking about ditching macbooks and touchscreen tablets for a sleeker more portable option and you have just convinced me to buy this matebook! these new surface pro, windows tablets seem incredible!

  16. Finally Eric has changed up his vlog style and made it his own. So glad that there is a daily vlogger who isn't trying to be Casey Neistat (even though I love Casey). Congrats Eric!

  17. Roosevelt field is not that far into Long Island. one of the first towns in Nassau smh

  18. wait so I watch most of Erik's vlogs but I must've missed what the problem is with this one?

  19. Im proud to say I've watched since the beginning and in glad I found you! I've gone through a tough patch this year but hopefully soon it'll get better.

  20. You seem like a very humble person. I wish you and your beautiful girl success in your endeavors. subbed!

  21. I thought I had subscribed to your channel.. then today I find I hadn't.. So I just did.. I love your vlogs..

  22. i love ur channel, its so inspirational watch u guys, wish u the best, greetings from Tijuana, Mx

  23. love from Toronto!!❤️❤️❤️

  24. Good luck finding a place! What made you want to move to NYC to begin with, in comparison to LA, or other major cities?

  25. Just found your channel, good stuff man. Im in NY too, wonder where you are looking to move. Fun vlogs!

  26. It's crazy to think that's a year you've been staying in that apartment. I must say though, I miss the tiny apartment😂 it seemed so cosy

  27. Your eyes are so much more blue in this vlog probably because of your tan lol. Its cool though.

  28. One more month and I'll be celebrating my 2 year subscription with you guys haha

  29. "And it's the perfect piece for the transition from Summer to Fall 'cause you can layer it. Take that!"

    Oh my gosh haha you guys are perfect. :')

  30. This is awesome. Good luck with the apartment search! We just left NY

  31. jessica's laugh is so contagious haha

  32. Yay, it's up! A new video with the new apartment! Thank you!

  33. +Adriana Hernandez Well, I hope it was stuff said in the heat of a moment. I'm sure you look forward to these the way I do. I was especially interested in seeing their choice in next apartment.

  34. Jess looks a lot like Taylor Hill!

    Also, I'm a new NYC fashion vlogger, check out my OOTD vid if u want 🙂

  35. Can anyone explain to me what really happened to them to make them want to quite from Youtube? I've seen someone made something but i don't know what neither why.

  36. + Adriana Hernandez. Don't think this is true. Have found nothing which implies this. Went to Twitter, nothing concrete there.There have been tech difficulties before, and/or maybe they're busy getting a different apartment and will post again when they're ready.

  37. Don't quit YouTube please I love your vids so much

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