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Obama TRIGGERS Trump

Obama TRIGGERS Trump

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Trump is jealous of how presidential Obama is. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

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Trump Quotes Fox & Friends to Bash Obama’s Rebuke of Leaders Who Promote Racial Hatred

“President Donald Trump is addressing recent comments made by President Barack Obama via his favorite television show as a proxy: Fox & Friends.

White House televisions were clearly tuned into Fox News on Tuesday morning, as Trump retweeted comments made by Fox News hosts Brian Kilmeade and Ainsley Earhardt that defended the sitting president amidst political rancor that has come from the weekend mass shootings that have, thus far, left 31 individuals dead.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  2. Come on 2020 please be a brighter day 😭

  3. I’m so sick of all this bullshit. Obama talked real pretty and looked good why he screwed you over. He bailed out the bankers were any of them sent to prison by Eric holder not one. He forced everyone including young health people to buy into a corrupt healthcare system. Did drug costs go down no up handouts for big pharma. Premiums up. Obama deported more than any other president and set up camps at the border ya the one with the children shown in cages. Did he stop the wars uh no still in Afghanistan. Bombed seven more countries. Gave out student loans that indebted young people for life. To pay off the education Mofia. Did kids get better education nope. Administrators got rich though. Doubled the debts. How many shootings happened during Obama’s presidency what did he do about it. Did we hear anything about this? No he is African American he was fond over and no one talked about all these issues. Yet everything’s big ipresident ever even though everyone’s life is worse.

  4. I didn't say I hate Obama I said trump & his supporters hating on him know the difference



  7. Blah blah blah Fox News

  8. What a pointless clickbait title. Conservatives are constantly triggered by everything. There's never a time when they're NOT offended by something, even if they have to make something up.

  9. Republican, Democrate. Liberals what the hell are you people doing is this how you identify people…… By political status… Well I am me not democrate not liberal not Republican… Never will I get caught up in this evil propoganda. This man is a demonic spirit. Black people you better pay a dam attention to these racist they hate anybody thats not them… You supoort fox News they are the instigators the hate mongers stop supporting hate crime.

  10. I clicked on this misreading it for YTP. Still great though, just in an entirely different way.

  11. Fox "News" pathetic and Trump such a baby and a racist.
    Fox "News" also excluded coverage of Trump's relationship to child rapist Epstein.

  12. While I agree what Trump is doing is wrong when it comes to immigration however how do we know if there isn't some who claim asylum but instead have alternate motives? We cant assume they are all criminals but at the same time we cant just assume they are all innocent either. The way I see it there needs to be some sort of "middle ground" approach when it comes to immigration and if that makes me racist then I dont know what else to say…

  13. America is not responsible for Mexico’s or any other countries problems.. we are already busting at the seams with our own. Illegal immigrants are still continuing to put their children’s well-being at risk knowing full on what will happen if they cross over. Don’t blame Trump, blame those irresponsible parents that’s putting their own children’s lives at risk.

  14. The more nutty the left becomes, the more they expose their inadequacy and stupidity. And soon Trump 2020 becomes reality! Your days are numbered TYT! Bahahahaha!

  15. Trump for 2020! he is the best and smartest president we had yet. You liberals just don’t understand.

  16. Everyone is saying trump will win 2020

  17. President Obama does not trigger trump . Trump is a insecure coward that does not know that he could actually gain respect by resigning he has failed this country

  18. This is what makes people dislike white people refusing to stand against wrong when they have a platform to speak from sad so sad.

  19. I can still remember feeling the fear when Obama called for "Whites" to go back home.
    I was terrified for my life and my family.

  20. I’ve got real bad anxiety and depression solely from knowing that our country is still being ran by this man. I can’t believe this is possible, it blows my mind.

  21. Donald Trump has an inferior complex when it comes to Obama!! He's really threatened by his intellect, that's why Trump always brings up the fact that he's a "stable genius".

  22. Why is Dude tremendously Red?? Is he The Devil?? Is this what Hate Baters when their 💩, hits the fan??? 🤔
    Watch Out, when Trump doesn’t get elected, these same Mf’rs will be a part of his Gestapo. History is respecting itself, and these Mf’rs are rising from the dead. And they’re not Nationalist, they’re Nazi’s who are too chicken to admit, instead they let the kronies perpetrate fraudually.

  23. fox news is the epitome of "snowflake hypocrisy" blaming everybody else despite their own inadequacies and cry when the truth is told to them

  24. Russians are and have been coming???? Mila Kunis,,.Mikhail Baryshnikov.

  25. Obama is being somewhat of a hypocrite. I say that because back in 2008 he was told by the FBI that police departments across the nation were being infiltrated by White Supremacist aka White Nationalist. Obama did nothing to stop it. They have been killing innocent Blacks and Hispanics for years now. All Trump did is embolden them with his racist talk.

  26. Whoever said Obama was more Presidential than Trump.. it’s not possible when literally Obama accomplished nothing significant. These two are pot-stirrers for division,hatred, & vengeance.

  27. Whoever said Obama was more presidential.. impossible he accomplished literally nothing. People like these two are the reason why division & hatred rampant more than ever before.

  28. more like trump triggers Obama, Obama's unemployed now 😢 but he can collect food stamps now 👌

  29. So does fox and friends tanning more

  30. This is what happens when you stand up to bullies they start crying

  31. These mothafuckas need to learn how to take as much insults as they give

  32. Faux "news" is a program for idiots and conspiracy theorists dumb fcks.😂

  33. Obama hating at it's finest NUFF SAID

  34. Obama is anti-white and anti-USA. He is a traitor that should crawl back under the rock he crawled out from. He is just starting more trouble, and making more division. Trump just wants to vet the immigrants. Who let 12,000 MS-13 into the country big mouth? You people lie like a rug. Nobody said one word to Obama when he was deporting criminals. Nobody said anything about Obama when there was a mass shooting during his administration You take it out on Trump because he is white. Phony propaganda. Anti-American Americans.

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