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Oculus Touch: Review

Oculus Touch: Review

Oculus’ Touch controllers are well worth the wait:

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  1. The price of everything has come down significantly. I can get the Oculus + Touch + 3 sensors for around $660 or so. More versatile, more comfortable, and about $150 cheaper than the Vive. Only problems are the lack of cable length, and the lesser tracking compared to the Vive.

  2. Dude, it's Robo REcall.

  3. Got my controllers and 8 Free games, there's 40+ launch titles around these too . WOW.

    This has been the very best launch I've ever experienced. I am gobsmacked by the sheer quality. I just wish more people could experience these in their homes. Because in 1 day of playing with Oculus Rift & Touch would make you think differently about gaming. Oculus Touch is the most fun I've ever had in my 30 years of gaming.. Well done Oculus. You really have delivered.

  4. Please change this guy ….. we need another presenter

  5. So for just $79 more than Vive Oculus owners got:
    9 free games
    full room scale
    VR helm
    xbox one controller
    touch controllers

  6. Music volume was a bit loud imo.

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