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Officer Who Killed 12 Year Old Tamir Rice REHIRED

If It’s Just A ‘Few Bad Apples’…Why Are You REHIRING THEM?

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  1. More proof the police are a gang of totally corrupt killers, liars, thugs and thieves. I raise a toast in celebration every time a pig gets blown away.

  2. Why not show the video of Tamir Rice pointing a gun at women and children and stalking them up and down the sidewalk? The shooting of Tamir Rice was fully justified.

  3. Mudering white supremacist edomite kkk pig BITCH!

  4. Loehmann no longer has that job because he rescinded his application. He should have never been hired in the first place.

  5. Tamir Rice would be 16 now. 🙁

  6. Only in America?
    Your safer in Asia than in Cleveland.

  7. I.m Asia
    This is white privilege

    For Latino

    We should be united

  8. Thats how white supremacy stays on code.

  9. Police accountability saves white folks from abuse and murder too. It's not just black and brown ppl who get jacked up by cops. Just ask the guy who was arrested for driving his pregnant wife to the hospital.

  10. Race-baiting again huh Frances

  11. No shame or honour at all.

  12. And dot you think the US is not shit hole. All you people do is KILL. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  13. This guy sounds like he has bunch of dick in his mouth.

  14. Bad apples don't charge when you turn the screen off.

  15. The NPCs @ TYT always spouting out stupid and ridiculous things. All NPCs are entertaining really. KMA (Keep Me Amused)

  16. Apparently, folks do not know the whole saying… "A few bad apples spoil the Bunch!"

  17. Public media him as he's proven clear and present danger…

  18. Hopefully as a gunless metermaid, please.

  19. It’s okay to be white. It’s okay to be a police officer. It’s okay to support Trump. It’s okay to own a firearm. It’s okay to shoot someone in self defense.

  20. Why are we surprised!! White privilege protects their own.

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