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Officials Announce Autopsy Results From 6-Yr-Old Girl Found Dead | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

South Carolina authorities hold a press conference to announce the autopsy results of Faye Swetlik, the 6-year-old who was found dead after going missing.
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Officials Announce Autopsy Results From 6-Yr-Old Girl Found Dead | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)


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  1. Why do they self congratulate themselves ? They failed to protect her ! When she was abducted they were sitting in the weeds with radar guns writing out traffic tickets. It's up to the people to protect themselves and their children , you do not want to put the safety of your children in these bozos hands.

  2. That poor little girl, seeing that video of her on her school bus. You see her get up look out the window with that Angelic face, it’s disturbing to know what is waiting for her. Senseless and wrong! May this little girl RIP, and please know that I am praying for her family

  3. Most of you people, who are making negative comments, should all be ashamed of yourselves. Look, I don't have respect for most cops, but I think they did a fantastic job of not releasing any information without making sure the family was informed and had time to process the information. If the cops came out and just said we looked around and found her dead we think the guy who committed suicide killed her, then you would all be saying they didn't do enough. Maybe that's why they gave all that information about what was done because of you people complaining. Many law enforcement and the public helped searched for her. They should be given credit. Why is their so much hate in this world???? A sweet little girl was murdered, and all you can do is complain about the cops patting themselves on the back. How much more could they have said about this little girl. They told you how she died, that's really all we need to know. God help this world we live in today.

  4. Must've been a white girl…

  5. That Policeman is the Hero he sez "It was a hunch" Fine Police work.

  6. So heartbroken over this poor baby girl. God help her parents.

  7. It’s so painful. I didn’t even know her and I have butterflies in my stomach before this press conference. I’m sick. I think Faye belongs to all of us now. She is America’s little girl.

  8. I hate hearing that we can all deduce this was not a quick death… absolutely disgusting and selfish that her murderer killed himself too. Everyone is left with even fewer answers now. 😞

  9. I saw and felt the sincerity of these people. I pray for the peace of God to comfort them, especially family and friends. She is with the Lord.

  10. "I'd like to thank god, and my family, but most importantly I'd like to think the monster that did these terrible things to this little girl for giving me the chance to be pat on the back for doing my job while I stand here and blow myself in front of the whole nation. Thanks to Bob Marsdon(the hotdog vendor on 12th st, that gives me a %10 discount) Thanks to Vanessa Koldcutty(My barista, for always getting my name right) and…" *Walk off music starts playing* "OMG, like, I guess I better wrap this up… Bad things happened to this poor girl, and finding the perpetrator is our top priority… other than this disgusting self fellating press conference of course. That's all the time I have. god bless us, everyone!"

  11. Something seems fishy here, I believe there will be more to come.

  12. For many of you commenting, imagine for a moment a member of the family is seated next to you, then comment with that renewed sense of awareness. The family and community needs support right now.

  13. 11:1511:48 is all we really need to watch. Asphyxiation, that's the cause. The rest is grand standing back-patting.

  14. NO I just want to say Ma'am THANK YOU we do not need the details to titillate the evil masses. THIS is how to handle this … they are blocking all the good info and feeding you BS! May you BE BLESSED lady in whatever way that is good to you. Bless your soul!

  15. The killer knew that he was caught,,, i am guessing he killed her inside his house and put her in the woods later, if they were not so quick on their response i bet he would have hid her better and maybe got away with it and go onto other killing…. Good Job Police!!!!

  16. There are too many beasts that linger among us. Society must identify these beasts and execute them… or we'll end up with chaos, anarchy and bedlam.

  17. I suspect when Faye left, I imagine the scene in "Ghost" when the Light comes as it did for Sam and she is taken in that Loving Light, back from where she came, to those she'd known there, some earth.
    Coty will have seen the dark figures just as Carl did. "Sam?" An instant of joy turned to fear as the forces of darkness, evil, enveloped Coty took him to the depths, as he's never known as none of us want to know.

  18. So sorry baby, no one should have suffered what u went through , rise with the Angels sweet girl. RIP baby girl. Condolences to all the family. I'm truly sorry for your loss.

  19. Press conference starts at around 5:50

  20. I really wanted her to be found in good health and safety but, I guess it… I know Faye is surely safe and protected in the hands of God. R.I.P sweet angel and condolence to the Swetlik family.

  21. God Bless all who helped in this heartbreaking case of a child that was taken way way to soon in her sweet little life .Praying for her family & friends everyday God Bless & be with you all .Be at peace now little Angel ur in God's hands surronded by nothing but love & peace .

  22. They were bringing us food ??? Irrelevant WTF

  23. They did whatever to that baby and suffocated her my heart is broken rip little princess god is near

  24. Her hairflicking driving me NUTS!!

  25. @ 5:48 is when the actual interview starts

  26. I'll save you the trouble of watching a 29 minute video. Cause of death was asphyxiation within hours of her disappearance.

  27. "Why was the news conference so long, why not just get to the point?" Because the news conference isn't all about YOU. It's about providing the community with a sense of certainty that this case was taken very seriously, and that they did their best for Faye and her family. That isn't "ego". They are just doing their jobs, and doing them well. When reporting on the horrible murder of a child, you preface it with the bigger picture of the investigation, you don't just come out and blurt it out. Kudos to the police and all those concerned for doing their best for Faye, her family, and the community. God bless them all.

  28. One minute to address her autopsy, the rest is just a litany of a mutual admiration society. Ridiculous, since she was missing for 3 days. Her murderer had to lay her out close to her home to purposely be found.. They never actually found her. The murderer offered her up. The poor girl had never actually left her neighborhood…

  29. give your kids guns and a big dog america don't live in fear or the monsters win

  30. Why is this an honouring of law enforcement doing "their duty"? It should just be about Faye and her family. We can thank them another time. This is gross. RIP Faye.

  31. The sad thing (as if this couldn't be any sadder) is she and her killer Coty Scott Taylor lived 100-150 feet apart from one another!
    I know they said DNA linked them but what if it could be the roommate setting it all up? Too crazy? I have a movie in my Cinema playlist with John Ritter that you think, "No way this could happen in real life!" Guess what..Here is the link to
    "Lethal Vows" https://youtu.be/wDL3ewZPmow
    More to this story in print. Bizarre to me of us hearing this update 2/17/20 yet 40 minute videos on YouTube up!?!

  32. The police Dept conducted themselves Very professional as much as they can be, under this horrific circumstances. Thank you again.

  33. I will just wait until the nightly news, People don't know how to make a summary that is 5 minutes or less.

  34. Where is the sheriff who the people voted in? He should be there.

  35. Rest in peace, babygirl. My sincerest heartfelt condolences to her parents and other family members and loved ones.

  36. May you rest in eternal Peace in the arms of our Lord, sweet Girl.

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