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Officials provide updates on arrests made in Ahmaud Arbery killing | USA TODAY

More than two months after the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old unarmed black man, on a residential street in southern Georgia, a father and son have been jailed and charged with murder.

The arrests come a day before friends and family of Arbery planned to hold a dedication distance run Friday, for what would have been Arbery’s 26th birthday.

Arbery was killed in February about 2 miles from his home in a neighborhood outside Brunswick, Georgia. Two men, Gregory and Travis McMichael, told police they saw him running and believed he was a burglary suspect, so they armed themselves, got in a truck and followed him. They told police Arbery attacked them after one of the men got out of the truck with a shotgun.

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  1. Ok, so the 2 men claim he was burglarizing a house under construction. Did they find anything on his person to confirm that? It also said the home was partially closed in and under construction. I have often gone in to look at new homes that are under construction with the only intention being to look at the new home. I am also a white guy though, so there is that. It was known that Arbery lived a couple streets from the incident location. Maybe he was simply looking at the new home. If he was infact inside it at all, as others had reported.

  2. typical look of a trump supporter


  4. I hope and pray that these murderers receive life imprisonment. May they rot in prison and I hope their families suffer 1000 more, the pain they've caused Ahmaud Arbery's family.

  5. The repugnant, ignorant state of Ga. MUST instill the HATE CRIME law after this case ! So happy for this young MURDERED mans parents that they now have some justice to look forward to, sad to think justice ONLY happened due to national outcry. I despise "some" of the south because ignorance IS taught at home and they've been doing it for hundreds of yrs generation after generation ! Just looking at the two murders PROVES what i'm saying, ignorance breeds ignorance ! The police dept. and the man who filmed SHOULD be LOCKED UP too !

  6. Go watch jessikathepranksters video on this. Some people can be mean. It's 2020. Everybody has rights. But they dont deserve them

  7. Death penalty for all that's involved

  8. Hands down here.. Ahmaud Arbery was executed !!! Simply seen in black and white, LITERALLY no gray areas here. The two suspects need to be swiftly sentenced to execution, keeping them locked up for life w/ no parole is just a terrible waste of my income tax deductions !!!!!!!

  9. The people in this video speaks volumes they should be behind bars
    Guilty by association shit system

  10. Why do most white racists in America have to be unshaven and ride pickup trucks?

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  12. Disregard in the beginning and disrespectful at the end! Read between the lines!

  13. Is it okay for a Canadian to come down to Georgia and lynch a couple stupid looking fat white pukes?

  14. Murderers plain and simple. They are going to have a ridiculously tough time in jail after this. Well deserved I hope they rot in their cell

  15. It is irrelevant whether he was out for a jog or had committed a robbery or even a murder a few weeks ago or a few hours ago. When the dispatcher asked these cowards what he had done, all they could say was that he was "running" down the street. You are NOT allowed to make a citizens arrest in Georgia unless you SEE THE CRIME BEING COMMITTED or you KNOW THE CRIME IS BEING COMMITTED. THERE WAS NO CRIME BEING COMMITTED!!

    Once they approached him, guns drawn, without either SEEING OR KNOWING he was committing a crime, they themselves were committing a FELONY and if in committing that felony they end up killing a man, that is FIRST DEGREE MURDER in all 50 states. That's how the law reads and that's how it works.

    He was not chasing the truck, and anyone who says that is just a dumbass (or racist) trying to hide their congenital ignorance with their willful ignorance…he was running/jogging (whatever) down the street and one truck blocked him while the other (with the recording) was following him. The truck driver that blocked him, jumped out of the truck with shotgun drawn. He (Arbery) tried to defend himself from armed assailants and they MURDERED HIM.

    End. Of. Story.
    If you are an African living in AmeriKkKa, and you refuse to arm yourself, you are complicit in your own victimization. ARM YOURSELVES.

  16. "Hey, Black guys… stand behind me so I don't look as racist!"

  17. I know you shouldn't judge people by their appearance, but …

  18. I'm sure #45 will issue a public condemnation right. Right.
    In Georgia they ignored racist threats made to a black couple who were Walmart vendors too:

  19. When he is on the right side of the truck the video shows he is not wearing jogging shorts or exercise shorts. And I think I see a belt hanging on his right side. I'm not saying what the other 2 did wasn't wrong but I think there is more to the story

  20. Well the father and son abused Amendment 2.

  21. White Privilege and White Comfort automatically warrants actions so-called justifiable! White Privilege And White Comfort is so real in this country! Racism has been alive and breathing since the beginning of time! Modern Day Slavery!

  22. Wanna These 2 men heads ROLL!!!! Down on the ground like bowling balls 🎳

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