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Officials update investigation into West Texas mass shooting | USA TODAY

Seven people were killed and 23 others were hurt when a gunman opened fire in the Midland and Odessa areas of Texas.

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It started with a routine traffic stop that turned violent. Police say the gunman shot at two Texas Department of Public Safety officers then fled on the interstate, firing at other motorists and passers-by along the way. At one point, police say the suspect stole a mail truck. The rampage ended in a Cinergy movie theater in Odessa as officers cornered the assailant and fatally shot him.

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  1. A presidential candidate is making money off the Odesza tragedy. Yes you guessed it. It's Pendejo Robert Francis O'Rourke as his campaign selling 'this is f—ed up' T-shirts to help gun control activists. Ya right 😲 And with only 2% in the polls Robert Francis needs all the attention he can get. Robert Francis truly a peckerhead 💃

  2. It is not the video games, or movies. It is the gun laws, that never change because of the gun lobby’s and politicians that refuse to work together to aid in keeping innocent Americans alive. It is hopeless, and I am tired of it. I cannot understand why people would ever go on a rampage, and then end up dying anyways. It is a sad state we are in as a country.

  3. There is NO such thing as a SALT rifle ! It stands for Armalite which is a company and style of rifle you liberal fairies!

  4. Drunken dad hits child .
    Today’s Society : make beer illegal!!!!!

  5. Who is thanking God for the politicians including the president who sit and stay for the NRA?

  6. update: identity is 36 year old Seth Ator, a truck driver who lived in nearby mobile home, failed a background check for employment and had prior minor criminal arrest and probation in 2001

  7. The 2nd Amendment specifically prohibits infringements (limits or encroachments) of any kind for any reason, whether or not they make sense.
    Without a 2/3 vote of both houses and ratification by 3/4 of the States, gun controls of any kind are a violation of the Bill of Rights.
    The 1st and 4th Amendments have wiggle room that allows for infringements in the interest of public safety, but the 2nd literally prohibits these with the words “shall not be infringed.”
    If you create laws that violate the very document that gives you the authority to create laws then these creations, and you, and the Constitution, don’t exist.
    Violating the 2nd Amendment by banning an assault rifle based on its appearance and potential danger isn’t really that much different from violating the 14th Amendment and revoking the citizenship of Black and Hispanic males because of how they look and their tendency to be used in crimes.
    Violating ANY Right violates EVERY Right.
    The Constitution outlined a system for change, and we haven’t followed it.
    It’s a Slippery Slope and we’ve been sliding down it for over a hundred years, in flagrant disobedience to the laws of our Nation.

  8. BUILD THE WALL? ….ANYONE?……..FOX WANTS TO SPEAK MORE ABOUT THESE CRIMES ONLY IF IT NOT WHITE PEOPLE,,that maybe why they disable there comments section.

  9. The real criminals are the politicians who sleep in the same bed with the lobbyist, end of story.

  10. How did the shooter get away after being stopped by police?? Black people cant reach for their ID or a hair brush without getting shot and killed. This guy was able to pick up his gun and shoot during routine stop by law enforcement??? Stop lying

  11. Oh my some more bad guns got up on their own and started shooting people, it's not the person behind the gun, you know these guns have a mind of there own. I just wonder where the good guns where the ones that ride with people on their hips and not assault anyone. Seems like one of these could have stoped this bad gun. Oh wait maybe it was a gun free zone, so the good guns stayed home.

  12. This Governor and his fellow good ole boys should be ashamed of themselves for pretending that they give a damn. They just passed bills to allow guns in churches and schools. Freaking idiots.

  13. In the meantime libtards continue murdering babies by the millions….

  14. Texas is one state that is making a very smart choice as far as the new gun laws passed this morning. Nobody will EVER STOP guns from getting into the wrong hands, these criminals will just buy them off the streets so the smart thing to do is start allowing more people to legally carry at all times and at all places so citizens are not defenseless while waiting on law enforcement, a citizen could stop the shooter and save many lives!!

  15. Investigate the REAL criminals. Demand DHS hard drives using military weapons with biometrics for select NEUROLOGICAL targeting.

  16. How about gun laws? Oh, no? Ok I guess…

  17. Let me guess, lets say we are going to do something about gun violence, wait for people to stop talking about it, then do nothing again., and repeat.

  18. What is up with Trumptard Nation's love for shooting randos???

  19. Sounds fake, like Parkland

  20. " Prayers and hope " yet again… no mention of sticker gun laws. Don't give that crap response: "it's not the gun ". Christ, if all these criminals can easily purchase legally, or, through a straw buyer, this will never end. Legislation is required.

  21. I want to thank my cat, my mom, god and donuts. I want to express my gratitude to the people that make my uniform and police cars and the people that clap for me. Blah, blah, blah

  22. I have no criticism for the way the police handled this situation. It's far too early in their investigation to speculate on the killer's motives or possible future actions if he had lived. Whether on purpose or not, he brought his end upon himself. But there was one comment, possibly made in error, that deeply disturbed me. It was during the officer's thanks to the various people who had contributed to responding to and ultimately ending the spree. I have listened to it several times, and it seems to me that he is equating the term "de-escalate" with the word "kill". They are NOT the same thing. Someone please reassure me and point out where I misheard him.


  24. Press conferences sound more and more like the Grammy Awards.

  25. He was a habitual criminal. Long rap sheet. They refuse to keep them in jail or prosecute those who carry guns illegally.

  26. I'd vote him for President.

  27. Before the shooter committed the crime he was Democrat, after the shooting his Political Status changed Miraculously to Republican. I guess to make it look like the Republicans did it.

  28. Bonkers…..texas home value dropping

  29. What is this crap? Talk about info on the killer. None of that first responder hero crap, or victim impact statements. Where is the shooter from..whats his social media background, friends & neighbors? You know stuff you put out when you shoot a blackperson for taillight out, or looking suspicious while walking down the street.

  30. Now in Texas you have to be 21 to buy tobacco….but can still buy a rifle at 18. Im not a snowflake liberal, im a Texan first but it don't seem to smart to restrict cigarettes or dip from an 18 year old but not an AR-15. (JUST MY OPINION DONT COME FOR ME.)

  31. Not trying to be all conspiracists, but its coincidental with all these shootings happening back to back in texas while the Democrats are pushing hard to make texas a blue state…

  32. it`s the same lies we heard before NEVER AGAIN, CRY CRY CRY, well nothing new, such mighty country but can`t stop inside cracks? Society is SICK why? because of INJUSTICE

  33. Filmed with a Penthouse camera

  34. You know these rich & poor white folks want us minorities to revolt they dont mean the shit they say they want to stir shit up so when it does pop off they got police and military to defend them as Dave Chappelle said "I dont believe these motherfuckers"

  35. We need to protect the illegal ill immigrants committing these crimes because diversity is our strength……..nancy pelosi

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