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OJ Simpson Finally Confesses To Murdering Nicole Brown Simpson | Hollywoodlife

Oj Simpson takes his ‘If I Did It’ style confession to Fox and seems to admit to the Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

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Wendy Williams, 53, has never shied away from expressing her opinion — but her latest one is pretty severe. On the Jan. 11 taping of The Wendy Williams Show, the host brought up the rumors that O.J. Simpson, 70, is the real father of Khloe Kardashian, 33 — but it wasn’t to slam them. “He says he is not Khloe Kardashian’s father,” the star said in reference to a recent video of O.J. asserting he isn’t Khloe’s dad.

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Oj Simpson Finally Confesses To Murdering Nicole Brown Simpson | Hollywoodlife


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  1. It’s only racism if oj was white and Nicole and Ron were black.

  2. Saloperie tu mérites de crever

  3. Robert Blake was in the same situation and he is innocent just like oj and casey anthony but no-one is on his dick like yall keep sucking ms. Anthony pussy and Mr. Simpson's dick now why is that ? Lol 😆

  4. Is it possible that it was in fact Jason that killed Nicole and Ron and OJ either was a co-conspirator or accessory? I'm not saying that that is the case, nor do I know how Jason would have a greater motive than OJ, but is it possible? Thoughts?

  5. our creators are secretly living inside us. They are brutal, narcissistic, perverted, satanic, killers. O.j. creator is laughing at us. Sick bastards. They are cowards. They hide in us. If you killed o.j. it wouldn't do any good. His creator would be immediately reborn into another. Super intelligence but not very good liers! Their trademark is, no motive and no remorse. Our creators are ruthless survivors. I don't approve! They rape and shoot us using people to do it. I.e. pedophile priest and the church, school, nightclub and concert shootings. All connected by our creators. They are responsible. Narcissism comes from our creator within. They been here the whole time. In our homes and our mirrors. Clever

  6. Obviously he did it. He’s a monster.

  7. Its so strange that everyone of his legal team has in some way suffered, and also he got some payback bcoz of the 10 year sentence, as a justice of knowingly getting a murderer off Scott free but all ended up paying the price in such a weird way which is another fascinating factor in this story.

  8. Why do these news channels give this horrible psychopath air time it's just feeding his ego. he finds the killing of two people amusing and he murdered them

  9. Laughing wtf hahahahahha what a week pig

  10. I met O J in person… he is the nicest guy ever…..

  11. So much for white privilege

  12. And some people thought the dude wasn’t guilty 😂 they fucking stupid. There’s some dumb ass people in this world that got no sense at all. They think because he’s black he’s innocent. Fuck outta here crime got no color. It comes in all races.

  13. There's a blood trail of Nicole, and Ron's blood leading directly up to O.J.s house. There is blood all over his car, he confessed to a heated argument and a physical confrontation with both Nicole and Ron moments before the murder. But of course the glove didn't fit so he couldn't have done it? I think he only got off because he was rich, and famous, and lets not forget the race card. I can buy a pair of gloves that are too small too, that doesn't mean that I can stab someone 20 times, then leave the gloves and say hey it wasn't me because those gloves don't fit my hands. It's like a child trying to lie her way out of something.

  14. Humm like as if everyone didnt already know he was guilty

  15. CLICK BAIT. Do not trust the comments that admit they watched the trial as children. Watch it again as adults. The prosecution lost. End of story. If they had any evidence of OJ being a murderer he'd be in goal. Some people bay for blood unlike the guilty who would have been covered in blood. He wasn't. It took 2 grown men to do those 2 murders. Their heads were practically severed from their bodies using the Colombian Necklace, a drug cartel killing technique. Nicole was mistaken for her druggy friend. Goldman was a waiter at the restaurant she'd eaten at that evening. They were NOT lovers.

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