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Olivia Jade Fears Parents Going To Prison

Olivia Jade Fears Parents Going To Prison

Olivia Jade’s parents face a possible 2 years in prison and we know how she’s feeling about it. Plus – Ali takes over Impaulsive.
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How much longer will Lori Loughlin remain a free woman? The 54-year-old Fuller House star was indicted in the “Operation Varsity Blues” college admissions scandal, after allegedly paying $500k in bribes to get her daughters into USC. Lori was charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services fraud, which could get her 20 years in jail. One of her girls, Olivia Jade Giannulli, 19, is “terrified that she may end up in jail too,” a source close to the YouTube star EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife.com.

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Olivia Jade ‘Terrified’ She’ll Somehow Go To Prison For College Cheating Scandal: She’s ‘Hiding At Home’

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Olivia Jade Fears Parents Going To Prison


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  1. Leave Olivia alone! She has an emerging porn movie career to concentrate on! You go girl!!!

  2. I hope we all get to watch her mom go to jail and wipe her smug smile off her face..BITCH thinks she is above the law and I hope they put Aunt Becky away for 8 yrs at least..Her ugly ass husband too..An example needs to be set for other bastards who think they are rich and above the law..Hope they make her clean toilets and scrub floors..She makes me sick smiling and signing autographs..At least Felicity is more sorry for what she did and it was only 15 thousand compared to millions for Aunt Becky..Jail the bitch!!!!!

  3. Oh no she is worried boo hoo she could have cared less acting like spolied brat when they resorted to these bribes to get her hooky ass who skipped high school classes and got in by bribes. Al she cared about was makeup. Oh maybe she can sell her make outside the prison building lol with money going yo loris tioletries lol. Oh no lol cry us a river now that no longer gonna have those shopping sprees and nice clothes momma and daddy gonna be penny pitching from prison. Should have pay more attention to her education in high school and college instead of making silly empty videos all day influancer lol its not a real job.

  4. If there is justice ….they will go to jail

  5. I think she should take a vacation too!!!

  6. Everything happens for a reason , don’t worry be happy

  7. Her parents are so arrogant. They rejected a plea deal cause they didn’t see how serious it was, and now they got hit with new charges of money laundering. Both face 20 years in prison.

  8. She knew what was going on .so y is she scared .jail for them will be first class .cus the are rich but her parents are more to blame.and she should say sorry to the students whom she took there place.jus saying

  9. That little twerp is even more insufferable than her parents (at least they made their own career and worked for what they have). And now she even has the nerve to say SHE is the victim and her parents ruined her "career", as if any one would be interested in her ugly face if it weren't for her mother's name and connections in the 1st place. She knew about it, went along and she's over 18: try her as an accomplice and toss her stupid ass in jail, so she experiences life and actually learns a thing or two…

  10. They are getting 40 years in prison and alleged 1 million dollar fines

  11. She needs to go to jail, too. She knew what they were doing. Put her out in the real world actually working and going to school(been there, done that in Nursing school). An influencer??? Phht, get a real life, then come back to complain, and maybe I will listen. Until then she needs to stop whining.

  12. Jussie Smollett didn't get any jail time. What are the odds Olivia's parents will? Justice is different for the rich.

  13. Who should be sueing is all the ones who have got diplomas from one of these school because they have now been cheapened

  14. Don't worry your self there's always P ORN for you to turn too !

  15. Don't worry about Mommy and Daddy you spoiled little liberal socialist princess cunt ! If you think the FBI is not going to be charging the kids in this you're sadly mistaken you are a legal adult and you knew what was going on and your pretty little ass is going to get turned out the joint by that Mexican girls they're going to love you ! Olivia Jade they're going to be traded you for cigarettes !


  17. No USC for you! hahahahaha

  18. The rich and famous get away with everything.

  19. Good! Btch should be expelled and her parents belong in prison! Fk Hollywood!

  20. She knew what they were doing. Olivia and her sister belong in jail with them.

  21. My husband says these people who used their wealth since their children are not smart enough to get into college should be punished with a large fine plus jail time. They should be made to pay for college for the people excluded from this education. What dumb asses!

  22. She shouldn’t be worried. Her mom Lori is acting like she’s untouchable 😂 they both act like they don’t know what’s going on around them 👌🏻

  23. Oh please she gonna activate her white privilege and get probation

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