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One Direction Called A “Nightmare” By Simon Cowell

One Direction Called A

One Direction called a “nightmare” by Simon Cowell in Billboard Magazine interview. Plus are they guys breaking up for good?

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  1. Lies. They did not break up. They are coming back. They all promised.


  3. its just a break for less than 18 months now so come on.its not over


  5. they are probably done for good

  6. How many more times do we directioners have to tell you One Direction are on a hiatus for 18 months they said to come back so they'll come back niall and Liam promised us Louis even put his pinky up to promise Harry just said will come back you do know all directions are waiting for 18 months to come most directions will believe if One Direction don't come back in 18 months they will split it hasn't been 18 mounts yet so they are on a hiatus. Ok

    And yes they could've been a nightmare to work with but they were young now they're grown up and they are more mature

    If One Direction broke up and lose all this fame it will be stupid. They've done so much they can't quit.

  7. i think they will go back together

  8. Why is no one talking about Niall and his glasses?

  9. they gettin back please 😢😢😢😢😢😢i love 1D
    i hope😢😢please

  10. I think they can but zany will say no

  11. Yes. They are getting back together they are Just taking a break to see family

  12. oh my fucking goodness … Please god . please kill me but don't let my Boyz break up …. They are the main reason I live in this world …omg please …. I love them till my death .. Their songs saved my fucking stressed life

  13. SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!! THEY WILL COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR GOD'S SAKE

  14. Think little fans, think. Tell me: if each one of them released a new album wouldn't you all buy it, each one of them? Yep, you would. So One Direction knowing their risk of getting irrelevant – just like Madonna who just can't stop embarrassing herself lately… -, they would all want to try and see if they can do well without a boyband that might end up forgotten or not. So they take a "hiatus" to rest and go do other stuff. Like that makes sense. Do the same thing but without other 3 or 4 guys hanging out with you. But okay, whatever… Moving on.
    If their solo works work they are going to end the band because being solo equals more money. As I explained in the beginning.
    But if this all do not work… 🎶Guess who's back, alright! 🎶

    Of course, considering that they are heartless people. Otherwise they are just really pursuing their dreams and doing other stuff to have fun while they try to handle the Zayn's situation and try to make it cool down a little more before come back to keep presenting us with great hits and new funny stories. We can all make up stories and conspiracy theories but in the end of the day guys, we are all people. And they are just normal boys.

  15. not nice Simon cowell you called one direction a nightmare

  16. As much as I want them to get back together I don't really think they will cause I think they are kinda too mature for the boy band kind of theme and I think they just had enough and want to either have a solo career or just live life regularly ( but I really want them to come back)

  17. they are getting back together. they may be doing solo things rn during the break. They promised and I think they wouldn't be able to break up because they love being a band so much.

  18. Liam and Louis and Niall Harry promise they will come back together anyways Louis said 18 hiatus and they said they were going to miss the stage I'm patient going to come back in 2017 and they can't forget that a promise Louis and a place to us so I'm pretty sure they're coming back and they said it to all the time on interviews

  19. No Simon you do not talk shit about one direction I new them since 2010 my favorite Is Harry styles and the 1D will never break are hearts because in the music history it's not the END AND if one direction is good for gone ! THEN I will die and I will hate Simon THIS NOT THE END WE CAN MAKE SOME MORE who agrees with me !

  20. I Hope they didn't break up Liam promised that they will be Back They are Just taking a Break

  21. lmao will they ever get back together, are they broken up for good WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT there on vacation this is like saying when i go on spring break i wont come back to school the next week… OF COURSE IM COMING BACK AND THE BOYS ARE TO peace ✌

  22. hey its me again hollywood life… I don't think zayn would come back since he ALREADY has a solo now… why would he go back? he seems to be handling everything on his own. And he didn't even want to join one direction in the first place. they most likely will split up

  23. I'm already crying and hoping they come back

  24. 1D will be back together the boys themselves never confirmed they will break up I will believe it when they do.

  25. they promised they'd come back and as they said in the history music video ""THIS IS NOT THE END"" well atleast I hope they come back or else it would be the end of me

  26. a nightmare seriously they r a dream not a nightmare

  27. Bitch tf did Simon forget abt the huge 1D fandom that is gonna drag him and shade him

  28. Why do ppl still asking if they come back ? They promised it and Niall even said that he is exited to perform the songs from Mitam on a tour …

  29. they will get back together because as they said in the song History "This is not the end"

  30. they will getback together

  31. they are getting back togethr

  32. Yes they will get back together and will do a tour for Mitam so 🖕🏻😊

  33. chloe's attire is damn lame

  34. they will be back againnnnnnnnnnnnnn definetlyyyyyyyyyyyyy mind my wordssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!as whole 5…….love 1d and even miss them moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  35. I don't want them to break up i've been a fan for four years but I sadly don't think they are getting back together

  36. Please come back together!😭😭

  37. they have to get back and stay as a group they are always commenting on each other's Instagram post so they just has to stay together i n the group

  38. As much as I want them to get back together I don't think that they will

  39. Even if they won't come back, people will remember them because they made history.

  40. I hope one direction get back together I'm their biggest number one fan and it's so upset if they don't get back together so please please please please get back together

  41. Plz guys we all DIRECTIONERS want u guys to be together forever as u guys were before plzzzzzz😣😣😵😵😦😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  42. Liam Payne told me long time ago they won't break up and that's why? They made history this not the end

  43. Gusse they back january 1 2017 maybe

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