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OnePlus 7 Pro Review

OnePlus 7 Pro Review

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  1. Liking the content! Just about to hit the subscribe button!

  2. Does it have dual Sim card slots?

  3. wait OnePlsu 7? Was this included in the launch???

  4. With such a vulgar youtube ad in India "OnePlus 7 Pro Unboxing Feat. Bunty from Sacred Games" OnePlus should be banned.

  5. Lmfaooo one plus 7pro looks like a axon 10 Pro with thr camera shifted to the middle

  6. Good phone but the camera is really an issue,everything over exposured

  7. If it got a better battery life with a better camera experience it'd be the perfect phone

  8. Still don't understand why OnePlus would not sell the OP7 in the United States like what's the big deal in not bringing it, only the pro but i guess the U.S gets shafted once again. It's like they assume everyone would buy the pro anyways

  9. Really hem and not there guy

  10. No 5G, no deal – not buying a phone that will be outdated shortly.

  11. this phone looks good but i still think S10 SD 855 version is the best phone now, i mean better cameras, wireless charging, IP 68 waterproof, 3.5 headphone jack & the most sexiest looking phone, it worth 900 bucks😍

  12. Looks like he dropped the phone at 3:08. It was probably when he was trying to test the free all feature.

  13. Just made a vid on the Oneplus 7 Pro

  14. One Plus priced itself out the market – I also hate glass back phones that omit wireless charging – faux pas. They need to make up for the price in volume- they continue to raise the price- I rather go with a Samsung or LG at $749 – plus I actually use wireless charging and external storage- OnePlus was cute sub $600 but now they are competing with Samsung and Others and at this price I rather go with the company that gives me the kitchen sink for the same price- no reason really to pick OnePlus

  15. I am the first one to see this video. Send me a one plus 7 pro.

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