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Only Native American running for US presidency

Several people hoping to be the next president of the United States will be in Iowa in the next few days at a forum focusing on Native American issues.
Most are Democrats, but Mark Charles, who is running as an Independent, is the only Native American to run for US presidency.

Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher speaks to Mark Charles.

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  1. Candidate Tulsi Gabbard is part Samoan. That makes her a Pacific Islander, a subgroup of Native Americans.

  2. So ALL White People are Racist But you think they will Vote for you.

  3. POCAHONTAS WARREN has claimed to be Native American, she has that on her law license & her DNA showed she was 1024 of 1 % pure Cherokee, that's why Harvard gave her that very lucrative position, she''s the first Native American to be awarded that prestigious position that all Native Americans seek, notice how humble & thankful she is.

  4. Any US president is nothing but a zoinist

  5. A bias country aljazeera news , only one to show a native American running for PRESIDENCY.

  6. Maybe all the coruption would end.

  7. I wonder if he's related to Elizabeth Warren by any chance? You know, her high cheekbones and grandmother's stories have confirmed this right 😉

  8. I just find it funny that this is a big deal that a Native American is running to to be the president over THE LAND HIS ANCESTORS HAVE BEEN LIVING ON FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS!!!!!!!

  9. This is a lie what about Pocahontas???

  10. He doesn't look like Asian. So he is not pure blood, he can't represent native

  11. we support you brother someones gotta do it good on you man

  12. I would vote gor thizz guy screw trump

  13. Mark Charles – may the Lord bless you! I think we may be ready as a country for a real change instead of a bunch of infighting, name calling and childish things. Solve some real American issues! Bind Satan and all the evil in this world!

  14. Mr. Charles has the power to hand the Chief his mail relevant to his Native American ancestry. 41 years and counting. What is this game? Hint: I figured it out long ago. At 1:10, there was a short clip of the White House, taken from the Press Area in front of what many of us now call "The Grant Palace". Someone knows something. Why not Mr. Charles? Space alien Indian? If not, then be a Comanche for a day and tap the Chief on his shoulder with the letters from the Tribes.

  15. The U.S. already had a Native American Vice President called Charles Curtis in 1929-1933.

  16. Lol he seems to b terrorist

  17. If he wins anything it will only be the Dakota's and Arizona but that's if were hopeful

  18. Trump is native to America. I think most of our presidents have been native to America.

  19. Yes !!!!finely!!!! America is now coming complete!!!!!

  20. 447 karma, polish people give vote on this candidate tramp don’t need polish voters I’m sure about that. !!!!!!! so???? 447

  21. this country needs a coalition of many party's that represents this multi cultural human beings, wake up America,, stop supporting the rich who have no interest in your healthy, wealthy, of life of you children and grandchildren,

  22. I have considered running around 2028 as a half Native American, half white man. I would do better than any politician running in 2020.the reason why, I actually care.

  23. We need you. We need a native American for UNITED STATES.

  24. Dude just be realistic okay can people stop thinking they are choosing their leaders ?? Come one we are in 2019 !

  25. Native Americans are the true owner of America and they are not even allowed to play a role in running it.

  26. Only Red Indian were the true American civilian, the white people are just a bunch of outlaws & they showed their colours. So the white people don't have the right to say if someone is an American or not.

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