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Opportunity's last gift from Mars is a beautiful panorama

Opportunity's last gift from Mars is a beautiful panorama

Before a Martian dust storm took out Opportunity in June 2018, the rover was able to capture hundreds of images that NASA has now released as a panorama. The 360-degree photo is composed of 354 images overall, taken by the rover’s Panoramic Camera (Pancam) from May 13th through June 10th. It shows the vehicle’s final resting place in Perseverance Valley located in Endurance Crater’s western rim. The rover lost touch with NASA in June after it reported the approaching storm that ultimately covered its solar panels with dust and rocks.

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  1. What is the name of the music playing at 2:04?

  2. 0:15 You definitely ought not use stock footage of Curiosity when doing a story on Opportunity.

  3. This is why Curiosity is nuclear powered and not solar powered.

  4. Why are the pics crop out that's bullshit its a bunch of unknown forces at work here keeping secrecy of the knowledge they're retaining.

  5. This is ALL a NASA animation to fool the people..β™‘

  6. They should have strapped an iphone on the thing, it'd get a panorama in seconds.

  7. This is just a hoax. Its just one of desserts here.

  8. It is a shame this has stopped working.

  9. The Arizona desert never looked so colorful.

  10. Time to contact Branson, Musk and Bezos and all those other billionaires. Next stop……..MARS

  11. πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•

  12. Please give the link to your background music

  13. Amazing segment!!! Hopefully, one day humankind will make the long voyage to Mars. Has it not been scientifically proven that this is easily possible in one human's lifetime?

  14. R.I.P. lil Buddy…….gone but NEVER forgotten πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  15. β€œIn person” should only be used for people.

  16. Because it can hear you say thank you. Yeah seems logical lol

  17. There's probably a lot of video and photos they will never release to the public.

  18. Wait, so NASA painted these things???

  19. More panorama.. less this dude's face

  20. Why not build a smaller robot that could clean the solar panels dust. It would be inside the rover its a good idea.

  21. Conan O'Brien would not make a joke about this panoramic photo? No.

  22. Wanna hear a joke?

    Flat Earth Society

  23. Flat earthers are going nuts

  24. Ur intro sound is too loud. For all videos 😝😝😝

  25. Lovely view of celestial earth.

  26. You science lovers talk about that glorified dunebuggy like it's human..that's creepy. But hey! It did good.

  27. what if the panorama is a lie?

  28. SO more doctored photos from NASA HMM

  29. Arizona/new Mexico looks nice

  30. More likely it were the aliens that came under the cover of sandstorm. ANyway, wonder what sort of price the Oppurtunity will fetch on collectors market once its found by one of the colonists.

  31. "bleak" ….it sure is, how much more beautiful Earth is.

  32. Snowy mountains look cool. Looks just like the Rainbow mountains located by Summit lake in Alaska

  33. Don't you just Love Mar's wonderful Blue sky? Wait? What? Hold up….. Lol

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