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Oprah Responds To Racist Robocall

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Oprah, who is campaigning for Stacey Abrams in Georgia, was the target of a white supremacist robocall. Cenk Uygur and Ben Mankiewicz, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

Read more here: https://slack-redir.net/link?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.nbcnews.com%2Fpolitics%2Felections%2Foprah-responds-racist-robocalls-targeting-her-stacey-abrams-georgia-race-n931971

“Oprah on Monday had instructions for how people should respond to racist robocalls that targeted her and Georgia’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams. She wrote it, her T-shirt said it, she said it, and she even sang it — vote.

‘I heard people are making racist robocalls in my name against Stacey Abrams, who I am 100 percent for in Georgia. I just want to say, Jesus don’t like ugly,’ Oprah said in an Instagram video captioned, ‘The antidote to Hate… VOTE your love!’

Oprah on Thursday campaigned for Abrams during two rallies and joined her as she canvassed door-to-door. Abrams, who is in the midst of a tight race against President Donald Trump-backed Republican candidate Brian Kemp, would be the first black female governor in U.S. history.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz


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  1. If you don't think that call is racist, you're a racist.
    No doubt

  2. Absolute Muppet behind the robocall.

  3. Sounds like some incel dude.

  4. YO, U 2 don't get it its mockery because every time Dictator wannabe bone spurs speaks about black people its mockery and all the white supremacist whom feel embolden that's what they do mock us and  that's what's going on .. However! what's really going  on its inspiring many folks to vote democrat and Tuesdays elections is the proof in pudding ya dig !!  So in a way THANK U  cult of dotards because not to much more to aspire to the blue wave of minority women in congress and state level wins ..

  5. It sounds like a guy trying to sound like Oprah!

  6. Yea this is totally racist lmfaoooo not only racist but sexist too. And it puts down white women as well as black women c'mon

  7. People did go out and vote. That's why Stacy Abrams hasn't won yet. I don't know how people get the insane notion that just telling people to vote is a message somehow only for the voters of their political perspective. The race is tight because BOTH sides are coming out to vote, not just one. That's why it's a blue ripple, not a blue wave.

  8. i was skeptical at first but wtf lol thats ridiculous

  9. WTF! Shit is fuckin weird if anything. Obviously the person who made that needs to join Oprahs book club.

  10. Those crybaby conservatives need to grow up.

  11. Only Real Racists call other people Racist.

  12. TYT calls their own members Racist. What's up with that?

  13. The comments jesus. TYT has become a troll rest stop. Sad just sad I don't ever see people on fox news or any other place that's conservative or Trump supporting where progressive troll the amount Trump turds do on all the progressive channels. Only a very few don't have trolls and that's because they havnt found the out yet. You people are just disgusting the things you say just because you don't agree. You are truly nothing but a bunch of angry broken deplorable hacks with nothing better to do.

  14. Keep the Hollywood elite out of our elections

  15. The only notorious liar is you, Cenk Uygur. If that was a robo call it was obviously done by progressive liberal democrat pukes like you to stir up racial animosity. True Conservative Christian Republicans would never do anything like that. It's disgusting and you are disgusting for using it to continue the hate. Shame on you man. Shame.

  16. FINALLY, I agree with Cenk about something. This robocall was despicable and I hope they caused themselves to lose with it.

  17. Oprah is a self hating bitch she don't like black people


  19. The dude that recorded that message should be tar and feathered

  20. whom ever PICKS A FIGHT to thoses measures!! ARE AAALWAAYS JEALOUS , AND EXTREMELY INSECURE ABOUT THEIR STATION IN LIFE! for those who come bebind to defend or reacts to being picked on ARE ONLY STICKING UP FOR THEMSELVES!!! so dont back down ( trying to offset being labelled – TWO WRONGS DONT MAKE it RIGHT!) No! sticking up for yourself just shows the weak thinkers and WEAK actions that MY KUNG FU is greater! why! look who came for whom!

  21. can someone explain what cenk is referring to when he ;says some guy made it more difficult for blacks to vote?

  22. Ben rationalizing white people as usual

  23. Oprah won't be president.


  25. Especially the fat ones. LMAO.

  26. Could the person who made the call be a Russian troll?

    Seems so over the top

  27. Outnumbered and being voted en masse out of the breeding pool,
    I would be scared too.

  28. Exactly why I don't want Oprah running for president. Those white racist Republicans would destroy her Legacy.

  29. Hello. Sorry for my bad english

  30. Those racist robo calls actually work. I’m not shocked. Lol.

  31. I would just like to point out that the two states that had a problem with the computers switching votes to republicans had the republicans win by a small margin.

  32. That call was so over the top that I wonder if it was real? It seems hard to believe.

  33. Who's the bad drag queen that recorded that Robocall message?

  34. OHS NOES!!!!1 DA KKK BE MEDDLIN IN DEM ELEKSHUNS WIT DEM TALKY FONE CALLS. So, whats more racist? The phone calls, or thinking people are so stupid as to be influenced by them?

  35. ante todo, gracias por compartir el maravilloso trolazo
    pero mirad a Cenk, el zurullo joven siguiendo con su mentira sobre "oh como temen estar tachados de racistas"
    oye el gordo, esto dejó de ser un meme hace al menos 6 años al nacimiento del nuevo nacionalismo americano
    ahora no nos importa estar llamados racistas, llamanos racistas, nosotros os llamamos cosas más peores, mucha más verdaderas, pero tambien peores, mierdas calumniosas comunistas

  36. I can't believe Oprah said that.

  37. Wow that was offensive to more than just black people. That guy must want everyone to hate him.

  38. That's so stupid that I can't imagine someone would be tricked by that at all. It's just a joke by racists for racists.

  39. they are right about one thing those types have to wait for them to die off

  40. Jenk is one scary dude. 😱

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