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Order! Speaker John Bercow Steps Down After 10 Years Of Trying To Control U.K. Lawmakers | NBC News

John Bercow, speaker of Britain’s House of Commons, who became a global celebrity during the U.K.’s political drama over Brexit, stepped down Thursday after a decade of keeping lawmakers in line.
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Order! Speaker John Bercow Steps Down After 10 Years Of Trying To Control U.K. Lawmakers | NBC News


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  1. My children miss him already, "Where is the order-man?"

  2. It seemed, at least from afar that he tried really hard to do his job in the fairest way possible. If he fact he did so, then this man should be commended for doing his job well. Especially given the political climate of this time period.

  3. Be a good boy young man!!! 😂😂😂

  4. He calls others rude.
    He is!!!

  5. I love John Berrow Parliament would never be the same without him we lost a great person because of the Conservative party I hate them.

  6. Aww this legend of a man. You WILL BE MISSED.

  7. good bye when do you start work for the EU DISGUSTING MAN

  8. this man should be hung for treason

  9. Kys in order to live for eternity. Amen. Signed, a nihilist who thinks we are all retardedly smart as we've evolved into as a human species.

  10. Bercow will be one of the biggest TV personalities in Britain in the next couple years, guaranteed. He is a public treasure.

  11. So they’re lynching him? Nothing new about the British being racist

  12. I will miss his mastery of the English language. He speaks like Churchill.

  13. He's not stepping down..He is retiring to spend time with his family
    I liked his style but not his politics
    Loved his off the cuff remarks
    Someone ought to tell Trump he's incorrigible..Bercow has class..hes a rich wanker but a nice one

  14. It's a good thing that you are leaving as you have held up Brexit far to long

  15. Quick The US House should hire him as parliamentarian. He can keep order in the impeachment hearings. Him slapping down Gaetz, Jordan et al would be epic.

  16. Unfortunately American politics are getting too much like the UK! All about political power and theater instead of about what is best for the country. The individual politicians and country's power brokers overrule the will of voters!

  17. didn't your wife take naked pictures of herself and put them on the Internet and you two got caught driving around Britain naked in your car

  18. This reality show is repulsive

  19. I was wondering why my American fake news media was interested in this story now I remember he won against Trump and said Trump should be able to speak in his country now I realize why they're actually playing that Steven making his story because he hated Trump

  20. Who the f*** do you think you are to demand that Trump not be allowed to

  21. He's a piece of s**he should be charged with sedition against this country and locked up in the tower of Londonbut as usual the mainstream media is treating him like a hero when he's really a piece of seditious s**

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