Outrage After Piles Of Unused Hurricane Maria Aid Found In Puerto Rico Warehouse | NBC Nightly News

A new source of anguish for Puerto Ricans struggling after a devastating earthquake and its aftershocks — a warehouse was discovered full of unused supplies from Hurricane Maria. Puerto Rico’s governor fired several top officials after the find and has vowed to hold others accountable.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Outrage After Piles Of Unused Hurricane Maria Aid Found In Puerto Rico Warehouse | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Trump tried to tell you they were corrupt, but the left only wanted to point fingers at him

  2. When we gone stop looking too government for help in any aspect of our lives people, just stop it already. I'm in the middle of buying property in Dominican republic right now and best believe imma have a storage locker or 2 just incase of emergencies like this. In regions like these you haveta think of the whatifs, period.

  3. They left these people to suffer to make Trump look bad. The people that did this should be publicly executed, plain and simple

  4. This isn't donated supplies, you can see at 1:08 FEMA writen on the it, this was send by the Trump administration.
    If they want to hide this to sell it, they wouldn't have waited 2 years for half of it to rot.
    This was only done to blame Trump

  5. What does AOC have to say about this? -=)

  6. Disgusting corrupt politicians. They should immediately be removed from office.

  7. Admit Donald Trump is right. You guys hate him just to run with other sheep.

  8. This was reported LAST YEAR!! OMG….Anti Trump politician's down there hid the supplies to prove a point…WOW!! NBC is lost 💩

  9. And all these leftists blame Trump for not getting them supplies, when in fact, they were too corrupt to hand them out. Typical progressives.

  10. Puerto Rico has no technocrats anymore. An island without a skipper.

  11. "bruh" – President Donald J. Trump

  12. Lol! Democrats. Corrupt and as dumb as the day is long. I guarantee they purposely hid the supplies to make it look like the federal government isn’t doing a thing for them. And then treated the warehouse like it was their own personal possessions. Every politician in Puerto Rico should be fired.

  13. Trump was right all along. TRUMP 2020!!!

  14. Totally inhumane. How could they. We're they going to black market that stash of much needed items?

  15. Absolutely inexcusable, how could this happen? Americans died. mi corazón está roto por la gente de Puerto Rico

  16. I'll watch your your crap cbs.The same ppl that pay you?They be the one's hoarding these products.You fools will all rot.simple

  17. Your tax dollars hard at work people! Looks like Trump was right again huh?

  18. What did they hope to gain from hoarding those supplies?

    Were they warehoused then possibly forgotton, this is madness.

    They obviously were just left in there for two years untouched, just crazy?

  19. @1:25 "A puzzling oversight." ?? OMG! Anti-Trump evil people hid the emergency aid supplies from the people and blamed President Trump for not helping more! NBC, you dare call that a "Puzzling oversight"!!! Wow!!

  20. The problem with Puerto Rico has been and always been Puerto Rican’s. Criminals. Where’s the San Juan mayor hiding.

  21. Trump was right tax fraud and theft of millions in aid money, Governor charged with theft.

  22. Yep that's your government in Puerto Rico. And they were blaming us after the last disaster for not sending enough aid.

  23. NBC owes Trump an apology .They were pointing fingers too.Low life fake news outlet.

  24. President Trump proven right once again. Any apologies from the left?

  25. Sure… Vote Democrat… PR will be your future.. lying, stealing government! #MoneyOverLives This is what WE sent in 2017. They hid it to blame Trump and demand more…wait for it… MONEY!

  26. This is how corrupt the Democrat party is take a look world know that TRUMP tries to help and they keep trying to push him down with lies God-bless you president TRUMP!!!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  27. This must be why Trump threw those paper towels. Only way to get supplies there. Lol, screw Puerto Rico.

  28. Those supplies sat for over a year. Stuff that was meant for the hurricane. While hoarding that stuff until a earthquake hit. PR officials didn't want emergency supplies to help their citizens. They wanted money so they could scam the US and call out that the US wasn't helping enough. People getting fired isn't the justice PR needs. Lose of life demands prison sentences.

  29. The governor hates Trump and is likely the main one at fault here. I believe she would have done this just to make Trump take the blame.

  30. For get these useless mutts .. EBTs finest

  31. Nobody going to say nothing I'm sure president trump god this aide from them he so mean ur how they going to blame this on him

  32. FINALLY. The truth comes out. EXACTLY as Trump stated many times.
    And now they want bailed out again??? Some more?

  33. Remember when MSNBC and CNN were pushing the narrative that Trump wasn't helping PR and that Hurricane Maria was his Katrina? Remember when Trump called out the Governor for their corruption and he was mocked for it? You'd think eventually PMSNBC and the ilk would learn their lesson after a while but nope.

  34. I can't believe NBC let this out…weird almost shows some integrity

  35. Ran by Democrats go figure!! Oh but wasnt it reported that Trump Administration never sent aid.

  36. Vote in Democrats and results may vary at best. This is not confined to PR its every where in Democratic Led Cities.


  38. The local govt needs to be held accountable

  39. Trump doesnt gaf about Puerto Rico

  40. This crys in God's eyes you know how many people died of thirst becuase the water was contaminated and look at all that water locked up in a ware house they should hold the ones accountable to the max. and throw thier behinds in jail.

  41. I saw a report in the news about 2017. Thousands and thousands of unused cases of water sitting on pallets spoiled just sitting in the sun. What the heck puerto rico

  42. I'm glad Puerto Rico did something about it because this happens all the time, even in the mainland, Houston, New Orleans, Florida…. The only difference is there are much more places to hide this stuff. Trump will make an issue out of this because they brown, but this neglect is common in government.

  43. The leaders there purposely did this, not an "oversight"! They did this for 2 reasons: (A) to claim they didn't get supplies aka ask more money and probably the main reason they did this (B) to say Donald Trump doesn't care about Puerto Ricans and didn't send enough supplies. Sadly most independents and libertarians have known about this for awhile . But liberals will watch this and surmise "I guess the lower level people weren't doing there job, oh well.."

  44. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Shameful

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