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Overclocking a 28 Core CPU at Computex 2019

Overclocking a 28 Core CPU at Computex 2019

We met up with overclocking master Joe “Steponz” Stepongzi to push Intel’s insane 28-core Xeon W-3175X to the limit. With a lot of know-how, trial and error, and liquid nitrogen, we see how fast this monster chip can run.

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  1. You have an engineering sample. They're worthless garbage and have 0 warranty. Stop lying to people or you'll be sued. ES CPUs are illegal to own or sell and the property of intel. They also do not get code updates for security vulns. If you can't afford a retail CPU, go away.

  2. How is this overclocking gonna give benefit in everyday use….???

  3. Instead of raping it up could you spray it with water resistant spray or cover it with a flux covering.

  4. You gon need a whole nuclear powerplant to run that thing
    Intel cpu are a joke now.

  5. That's my slacker!!!

  6. He look like what Aquaman.

  7. heard it was slow running Road Rash 2 – thus i'm buying AMD…

  8. meh still using 4 core

  9. But can it game fortnite?

  10. and somehow all I want to see is Ryzen and Threadripper benchmarks…

  11. asians dont hit puberty till 40

  12. AMD released a new CPU. Use compressor overclocking!

    AMD has released a new CPU. Use LN2 overclocking! 😏

  13. Man a young adult that 'almost' refrained from using (LIKE) in every sentence more than 3 times. Congratulations. Now for the rest of us WHO on the practical side of every day computing want to know just who uses and for what a 28 core Liquid Nitrogen COOLED Processor? PLZ

  14. Looks like a body builder

  15. Mean while Amd threadripper:
    Imma end this guys whole career

  16. Finally we can run Chrome in 4k

  17. Congratulation for contributing global warming

  18. spotted Jagat Review tv copper Liquid Nitrogen Container / thermos

  19. That guy in beard looks like overclocked version of normal human…

  20. …better take an AMD Threadripper!

  21. We need a motherboard redesign. As in a H pattern that isolates the cpu from everything else- cpu in the middle of the H. Or a separate board just for the cpu only. That connects to the mother board . Maybe I should start my own kickstarter.

  22. I wanna play tekken 7 on this beast

  23. Whole video is about Filling nitrogen. Height of stupidity

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