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Palestinians must come to Middle East peace table: Brodksy

Senior Fellow at the Gold Institute Matthew RJ Brodsky discusses the Middle East peace plan between President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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  1. Total joke the deal makes them slaves America is a joke

  2. i love it wow a deal maker you just do as i say .Trump thinks money will buy anybody ,that show how much he loves money he would sell is country for money

  3. Trump’s idea of the “TWO STATE SOLUTION “ – “the USA and Zionist Israel having total control”,
    THEN YOU ASK? – “What of the Palestinian People?” – Trump replies: “WHO” and why should they have a say on these important decisions??????

  4. Wasn't that part of the plan.

  5. The Peace Deal will happen the Timing To Be continued… The book of Danial & The Book of Revelation give details

  6. This was nothing but a publicity stunt. The Palestinians didn't even negotiate so it can't be a agreement. No way they will negotiate with Trump administration after the Jerusalem Embassy move.

  7. Get the embassy out of Jerusalem for starters. Then ask the Palestinians to show up for a meeting instead of just having one side show up.

  8. Abraham's children don't stop the quarrelling.


  10. Read this out loud:

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    This is is cat
    This is how cat
    This is to cat
    This is keep cat
    This is an cat
    This is idiot cat
    This is busy cat
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    now go back and read the
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  11. I hope this initiative illustrates, and illuminates what many already know.
    Palestinians aren't interested in any two state solution. This will be the 6th time (since 48) they've rejected a two state peace plan. Their counter offer is "from the river to the sea". The inhalation of Isreal is their mission. While the world pretends they are interested in peace. smh

  12. palestinians rejected all deals.. whats new..

  13. The two international criminals comparing notes

  14. another win for Trump when the PLA does accept this…and they will.

  15. Our wonderful President we love and support you fully!!! Thank you for all you have done for Isaial and God will bless you or any country that helps Israel. His word promises that. None of this mess doesn't matter. You will do fine and you are the absolutely most awesome greatest President ever. No one else will come in and do your what you have done. We don't believe any of the lies..praying for you. Landslide Nov 2020

  16. A deal is negotiated and needs to start somewhere. Nice Job Pres. T

  17. Palestinian genocide in progress

  18. What is this dude talking about? The Palestinians have a lot of guns? Have you traveled from the top to the bottom of Israel and through all the Palestinian territories? Because I have and I didn't see any guns! Weirdo

  19. No Palestinian state would be a good state.

  20. They'll come to the table when Iran's money runs out. Watch the bastards though

  21. Don't miss your chance to say something good, so many negative comments, people who missed that opportunity to smile.

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