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Patrick Meier: Crisis Mapping | Nat Geo Live

Patrick Meier: Crisis Mapping | Nat Geo Live

Emerging Explorer Patrick Meier pioneers the lifesaving new field of crisis mapping, which is helping revolutionize the effectiveness of relief efforts worldwide.
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Patrick Meier: Crisis Mapping | Nat Geo Live

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  1. Also the music does not go well

  2. 14:40 That could be an incredibly important device for advancing human rights and governmental transparency worldwide.

  3. We fucking know that it's happening. You act as if you have access to some sort of greater knowledge than everyone else.

  4. Gracias por la información

  5. #Its2012and #InMyMind #IAlwaysThinkAbout living maps in realtime on twitter

  6. make available for GPS, please

  7. hey, won't you make yourself useful and stop playing cod… e-mail them and help out those who need it.., because someday you might need that help, and some non-contributing zero like yourself might be playing cod….laughing.

  8. 3:25 That is one hell of a dorm room…

  9. Anything/anyone that shows human planning of how to help plan in world wide crises is a great step forward its never boring it's essential we have figure what to do with the deceased we only have days to figure that one out before disease spreads these short ignorant comments you need to think

  10. Increible……. excelente herramienta de ayuda.

  11. You saved many lives, be proud of this accomplishment. Great empathy.

  12. Congrats on an awesome project.

  13. We did this for Japan too

  14. you go do it. no? thought so.

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