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  1. How do you rebuild a metabolism? I have been eating very low calorie for a long time due to lack of money to buy food (900-1300 cal a day, roughly). I'm in a better financial position now, but I'm not very hungry and my body is used to eating very little, even though I have well over 5lbs to lose.

  2. 1. Avoid carb heavy snacks. Have nuts.
    2. Avoid all sugary drinks.
    3. Don't drop calories too low. Instead start a bit higher.
    4. Ditch alcohol.
    5. Always include protein & fiber in meals.

  3. Tofu ? Wtf? Do not consume soy if you have PCOS. Soy milk caused my ovarian cysts.

  4. This is Bull!!! Ive tried not starting with a too low calorie count.. but if I eat healthy (I’m vegetarian) I just can’t get over 1200!! So what am I supposed to do! So what I’ve been doing. Eating as much as I want but only healthy food. That way like I said I never surpassed 1200 calories. I lost a lot of weight and then I build up muscles to keep my wait slowly rising my calories by eating more carbs.

  5. I do all of those things (well from 2-5), im not able to lose weight. Which frustrates me a lot more … I’m eating healthier, I don’t drink any sugary drinks, I don’t drink heavily anymore, & im exercising … I hate having pcos lol

  6. how to balance it coz i do night shift always

  7. i am confuse already,,, they said you must avoid tofu or soybean products like soysauce if you have pcos,, so its long time now since i'm not eating tofu!

  8. I got on keto and lost 60 pounds while having pcos

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE ❤️ your videos truly have helped me a great deal! Made me have hope on losing weight

  10. Is fruits like oranges, kiwis,etc bad for pcos too? Pls respond asap

  11. I’ve just purchased your guide!

  12. I drink apple cider vinegar everyday is that good

  13. What if your allergic to nuts? What else would be a good substitute? X

  14. So what am I supposed to eat 😣 Im a veggie with pcos and I have a gluten allergy and don't eat eggs or dairy so have been eating mainly fruit and veg or apparently that's too sugary or carby for me 😣

  15. Thank you!! I needed to hear number one. Especially in a time in my life where in making huge improvement changes

  16. Unfortunately, nuts are insanely expensive.

  17. Im 25 years old from Philippines and I was recently diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Disease(PCOD) . I am prescribed to take some hormonal pills to balance my hormones but I have read a lot of bad side effects later in life. I looked at youtube and I found your channel , I have watched a couple of your videos showing healthy and natural advices and tips for managing PCOS. I found your channel very helpful and Im so inspired by your journey. I am so determined to follow your advices and I thank you so much for sharing this to us ! More power to your channel! Im a new subscriber here! 🙂

  18. After preparing the dishes from the metabolic cooking system; I proceeded to really feel a massive boost of energy levels… This is difficult to define however I really felt amazing; I had a fresh feeling of self-confidence and so much stamina and so as an extra benefit I was in the position to get more accomplished in the course of the work day. Check out the detailed review click here https://goo.gl/qiPgTd

  19. The small changes do matter. For me I realized I ate too much bread and red meat so I went vegetarian, and will adopt low carb this year. Shortly after going veg, I noticed my acne clear up in a few months!!

  20. Can I just have orange – one a day?

  21. How many carbs do you think is ok for each meal? With no snacking except for maybe nuts

  22. Loved this video so helpful
    Thank u ula😘

  23. question does herblife works  to lose wight if you have PCOS

  24. Yes!! I love your pcos videos!! Always looking for tips and advice, especially when it comes to specific foods to eat. I've been vegan for a while, and now I'm just trying to manage my eating and eat healthy instead of being the junk food vegan that I am 🙃

  25. need more meal ideas for PCOS and anemic please

  26. Your videos are so great! I have been on a vegan diet for a month so far and i feel amazing! I have a question for you, has your menstrual cycle regulated to monthly since you have been doing all of this? I just want to know if there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  27. Please keep making videos; I have just been diagnosed with PCOS, even though I have had suspicions about it for over ten years. No doctor has ever tried to address the issue. Instead they told me 1) take birth control (without any tests being done) or simply 2) “you’ll grow out of it”. I am 28 and have likely has PCOS since mid-high school. Finally, after doing my own research and finding channels like yours I am finding some answers. Keep up the good work, it’s very appreciated!

  28. I've always found it to be really hard to stay motivated. 2 months ago I switched to a vegan diet while also being mindful of the soy in my diet and I've lost 30lbs.

  29. top tips !!! as always ! keep up the good work !! love from Ecuador !!

  30. What do you think of high fat ketogenic diet for pcos?

  31. Do you have any suggestions for those of us allergic to all nuts (besides coconuts)?? What other snacks would you suggest?

  32. Hello from France 🇫🇷

  33. Ula! Out of curiosity, are you of Polish heritage?

  34. What do you think of vitex the supplement ?

  35. I bought your ebook and excited to get started

  36. Very help full video🎥. Thank you. Have a beautiful night🌙⏰. Love❤😘💞😍 you

  37. you've helped me out so much thank you!❤💕

  38. plz help me with pcos m having iron deficency aswell😔😔

  39. notification squaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.. Ula's videos are the only ones I watch religiously.. LOVE UR WORK GIRL. And your e-book is amazing as well.. ^^

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