Pelosi names impeachment managers before sending articles to Senate

Speaker Pelosi names Adam Schiff as lead impeachment manager. Reps Nadler, Jeffries, Demings, Crow, Lofgren and Garcia were also named as managers.

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  1. She thinks the American people are stupid 😠.

  2. OMG, drunk, drugaddict Pelosi and the muppets…


  4. You left out one little part he was doing it before Joe Biden even decided to run for president it's his job to get the corrupt people out of government which is y'all lol

  5. This is so stupid we're actually paying this guy of Fortune to tell us that this is so relative the relative of the relative

  6. You mean first-hand opinions like all the rest of your witnesses

  7. We're not that stupid shift documents lie like hell

  8. Did you hear that nonsense the Constitution demands a fair trial he's putting the constitution on trial can you see the irony in what he saying

  9. Tell that to Hillary Harry Reid's Obama oh I get it what you really mean is nobody is above the law and y'all make the law whatever you wish it to be at any given time and then you claim that is the Constitution

  10. Over 70% of the people don't give a dang Nancy I know it's just a colossal waste of time and our money and it's not making this country better you're just keeping us down because you're an old communist traitor that hate Americansand you think we don't have the right to pick our own president what a jerk you are woman

  11. You're like a salesman at my door trying to sell me an old vacuum cleaner that doesn't work and it makes it a lot easier for you if I don't have my first and second amendment right it says I can put my gun in your face and tell you to get the heck off my property

  12. Trying to cheat in an election if y'all were really doing your job you would find out about the paid for dossier by the Democratic party that was cheating in an election

  13. We don't care what you think Nancy just because you think it doesn't make it right or so

  14. Where is the whistleblowers testament shift

  15. Where is The whistleblower shift

  16. We don't want to participate in a cover-up we want to know about Joe Biden withholding money from Ukraine to protect his son and him getting lots of money you're the one covering that up

  17. These are the kind of people that run our municipal courts as well doesn't that make you feel good

  18. I'm getting ill watching Nancy I know better if someone would just shish kabob all of them with the American flag this country would be a far better place for it

  19. I only got one thing to say to you and then I'll say no more we learned to embrace the suck when you told us to why can't you learn to embrace the suck take your own advice Nancy

  20. Funny how you're trying to clean up a president that we elected like we have no right to elect their own president only you do but yet you can't even clean up your own state or your neighborhood you got some serious issues woman

  21. The guy on your right I bet if we put them in a chair he would fall asleep and we pay him for that

  22. Don't try to educate us we're not near as stupid as you and if we did listen to you and believed it then we would be

  23. go trump from down under yehar

  24. She prays for the President ? God hates liars She should start praying for our enemies, this way she could jinx THEM !!!🤥

  25. How can anyone even listen to these bunch of liars; "The evidence is overwhelming…" Really!

  26. All this “defenders of constitution” need to be removed from congress and impeached for abstracting justice and American People conscience. Such a shame!

  27. What a bunch of dunces and traitors to our country. Pelosi is nothing but a lying old biddy.

  28. Nancy Pelosi and Democrats have not been following the constitution or the will of the people we the people voted for President Trump so the American people have spoken

  29. They must of cut back on Nancy's vodka treatments you could almost hear her words still incoherent rambling. Our federal government is a joke and an embarrassment.

  30. American's recognize Pelosi's Impeachment Destruction Train based on falsehoods of the President & nation, only the outside of this train is disguised as "Patriots to "defend" the Constitution". They continue their deceitful scheme against Pres. Trump & nation now by slandering the Senate ahead of time if the Senate doesn't go along with their hoax. Satan wants to impeach heaven's plans & time of grace for America in this season of time by securing Pres. Trump in office. These Democrats greedy selfish evil end goal being to grab power for themselves. However judgment awaits the wicked and will reap what they have sown as a curse and fall.

  31. 80 was when mom left us no doubt that she. had bats in her belfry. Ya seen one dingy granny, ya seen them all

  32. I feel so sad for your beautiful country, God bless America, the Democrats have lost their marbles. In Ozz we might say their short a few wallabies in the top paddock. So sad … we are watching from outside the circus and the clown car has lost its wheels Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff are outrageous. Your country is a lighthouse on the top of a hill, if these clowns get their way they will turn off the coal fired electricity and plunge you into darkness.

  33. Schiff should change the F's in his name to T's…….He is a large, smelly, corrupt, skanky P.O.S.

  34. Pelosi has huge balls to even stand up there with a straight face with this SCAM!!

  35. Nadler looks SCARED…..b/c he knows this circus is a scam

  36. Schiff said “evidence”😂😂😂 wonder if it’s the same undeniable evidence from the Russian collusion. These people are delusional if they think anyone believes this crap.

  37. Aw, Nancy! I’m so disappointed! You promise us poetry & all we get from you is unintelligible ramblings. Someone get this woman a copy of Leaves of Grass, & an education!

  38. GET HER A DRINK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Short one cant walk, the middle one cant talk and the tall one is a dork.

  40. It's a Republic, not a democracy dumbass.

  41. Trying to keep Schiff out of the witness chair, Let the 2020 Dem Games begin. May the snowflakes melt under the heat.

  42. What is this idiot talking about? She spouts all these different things about Founding Fathers and the Constitution. Pay attention people they are going to attack the Constitution again when they aren't trying to sell the people more horse crap.

  43. Corrupt democratic party 👍

  44. You come from a family of corruption Nancy Pelosi!!!

  45. You need removing Nancy mifia Pelosi 👍

  46. Nasty Pinocchio Nancy.. the President Trump already made your Country Great, the heck is wrong with you? get lost and retired.

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