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Peloton husband received ‘hurtful messages’ after new ad aired

Husband in Peloton ad Sean Hunter discusses how the now controversial commercial is impacting his career.

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  1. Seems feminists can be trusted to ruin anything

  2. Gee, I feel a bit down today, maybe I'll get all offended and outraged over a rather innocent TV commercial in order to validate my pitiful existence. —– Oh humanity, is this how far we've sunk as a species?

  3. Wait are you saying their not actually married?!

  4. The fact that the lady got a gin commercial and he got nothing.. maybe that’s sexist lol

  5. The people complaining about that commercial are just sad little people with nothing better to do than make others miserable like them!

  6. Then women will wonder when they stop receiving gifts.

  7. Is overweight people who are complaining?

  8. The average person is sick and tired of the holies than thou attitude of the liberal dems.

  9. i literally see nothing wrong with the ad??? the wife just wanted to show the husband how happy she was and how grateful she was for her gift

  10. Giving your wife something that will improve them physically and mentally is sexixsm lol the jelousy of some women are boundless and its only a commercial if they don't like it don't buy it why protest.

  11. Get a grip it’s a tv commercial.

  12. Stupid radical Democrats

  13. This is typical for these crazy liberals
    Get a life crazies…………………………

  14. The people harassing this man and complaining about this commercial WANT something to complain about. They have nothing better to do with their boring, miserable lives. It's sad and embarassing.

  15. How crazy is this? Wow, even if you think it's a "bad" commercial, you can't blame HIM.

  16. But they are still selling bikes, so…..

  17. If its not some supposed black man white woman with biracial kids enjoying some fantastic life, 2 queers or lesbians snuggled up on the sofa drinking wine or eating a pizza, anything outside of that these days is probably considered an offensive commercial in some kind of way.

  18. 2:17 lol, the fox producer – "whew"

  19. Picture the complainers for a moment… 🤔

    Empty tubs of icecream scattered around the base of the oversized recliner in front of the large screen TV in the basement. Fresh party-sized bag of potato chips ripped down the side for easy access while greasy fingers slip-slide across the keyboard keys and heads tilted to avoid the trailing whiffs of smoke from the cigarette burnt down to the filter as it dangles from their lips.

    The outrage!

    😨 🤢🤢🤢🤢 🤮

  20. So if I buy my wife or kids a bike, that they can ride for fun and exercise, that's wrong, and I'm a bad husband/ father. Ridicules!!

  21. It was a stupid ad that pushes miscegenation.

  22. I cannot empathize with the folks who are outraged over this commercial.

  23. Just when you think you have heard it all and you let just any one have there 15 seconds of fame . It's just a commercial people

  24. This is why as an American male I would never date an American woman again. Feminism had given American women brain damage. I chose my bride from the Philppines.

  25. Lol, so funny

    Hey liberal fatties who need to lose 50 pounds. Get on the fukin bike and STFU

  26. Before she was my Ex, wanting a new car, my wife asked for a Christmas present that went from zero to 160 in just a few seconds, so I gave her a bathroom scale….

  27. There are far to many people who only have "first world problems".

  28. Do people realize that there are fit people that like to exercise?

  29. Check the marital status and dress sizes, those not making the cut, yeahhh🤫

  30. Welcome to the ideals of the Left. Oh, and you are a public school teacher. Interesting. Hmmmm Perhaps you could learn from this experience

  31. That commercial has good messages for people they don't see

  32. And people sometimes ask me why we need the 2nd Amendment….I tell them we need it in case leftist SJW lunatic's ever try to take over….

  33. Professional victims. Thats all a leftist is. A fraudist.

  34. What is wrong with this commercial ??? They are selling bikes. These whiny, no job, entitled little brats cry about everything !!

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