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Pentagon To Shift $3.8 Billion To Build Border Wall | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Alexa Liautaud details the Pentagon’s plans to shift 3.8 billion in military funding to the construction of President Trump’s border wall, as well as the legality of the decision.
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Pentagon To Shift $3.8 Billion To Build Border Wall | NBC News


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  1. Donald Trump Rocks!
    Check out my maga music & subscribe at the link below!👇🏾

  2. Build the wall protect the wall

  3. We all have an obligation to not pay taxes to the USA government if this is how they waste our money. You have a moral obligation not to support total racist hatred

  4. Why doesn't the POTUS just cash the check Mexico sent when they promised to pay for the Wall…?

  5. They were handcuffed and walked into border station the agents were very careful with them. It was nothing personal just business

  6. Look all that is going to happen to them is they get a trip back across the border that's all

  7. I saw while I was in a short line to cross from the Mexico to USA 2 people get arrested for hiding in cars. That was in 10 minutes. Yes. Never saw that before ever

  8. Since Trump became president illegal crossings are way down. People are now trying to hide in cars trucks and cross at border entry stations. That should tell you something is causing that??? Wounder what?????

  9. If the borders are not secure then homeless problem will get worse let alone healthcare system govt aide ECT. Look 4 billion is pocket change as a expense . Really. A flight we her cost billions to build and maintain.

  10. I thought Mexico was gonna pay for the wall Mr. Impeached moron

  11. I'm watching this video and I'm crying. Why don't we allow people that want to come her that need medical care, food and housing? This is so sad.
    Regards, Professor Lefty at UC Liberal Arts

  12. Is the plan to build this wall on the entire 1950 mile long US – Mexican border?

  13. Under what authority can he raid the nations purse to build a wall across the border – This is a sign that future presidents will use for healthcare, gun control & simply for people control.

  14. A lot of this started under Obama. He started legislating with a pen with his executive orders. The DACA order was way over the line even if you thought it was fair and the right thing to do for the country. It's ok if one good man has so much power, but when a bad man like Trump gets elected and given so much unchecked power, then he can horrible things.

  15. simple solution , keep dropping the pentagons budget by what evers spent on the border wall

  16. There's a new deal in Mc Ds.. if you order "Pentagon", you'll get "Defense" plus one favorite free meal, "The Border"..

  17. thanks to the usa generosity, mexicans can now use those wall supplies to build better house. usa not only pay for their own wall but they also help their southern neighbors.

  18. Go Trump!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  19. The same wall that feel with wind. The same wall that people have easily gone over under and through.

  20. *THE BORDER WALLS ARE GETTING ERECTED: *Meanwhile, we have many international bridges all along the border, between the U.S.A. and Mexico, "open," with Mexican tourists, workers, and visitors "either walking, bicycling, driving, or traveling through on tour buses to and from both countries"…plus "thousands of planes and jet airliners flying overhead, to and from Mexico, on a daily basis. Just look up to the skies. *I live in a growing Texas bordertown, and I get to witness all of this activity on a daily basis. So, I know what I'm talking about. TRUMP'S WALL IS JUST SYMBOLIC AND POLITICAL…BUT INEFFECTIVE. 👉🤑🇺🇸🤑👈

  21. #BernieSanders2020
    Medicare for all Americans
    Can't cost any more than this silly wall!

  22. Great news. Build those walls men. TRUMP 2020

  23. Could we not save some money and get Bob the builder to do it 😂

  24. Lol! Mexico will pay for it! You fools!

  25. Holy crap! The Mexicans have taken over the military!

  26. I thought Mexico pay for the wall?
    Trump is definitely a salesman

  27. Will they make it solid enough to withstand the wind?

  28. The wall isn’t really necessary anymore. Has anyone seen what’s going on with the borders between Guatemala and Mexico.? Trump threatened Mexico with Tariffs deals and Mexico is now taking that border crossing serious. Hmph. When Trump said he would make Mexico pay. They did….


  29. Watch this wall is really to keep us caged while he starts purging everyone that dosent like him starting from the north down so we cant escape to another country our military can turn on us already that law passed years ago just like hes getting rid of everyone with power to oppose him in the government his followers already chant dems need to go dont trust him he lies to much and hes vindictive.

  30. Good for them build that friggin wall.

  31. We need to take back the HOUSE from these democrat lunatics.

  32. The dems is actually destroying our country. I was democrat all my life until now. I'm ashamed I ever voted for them.

  33. 3.8 billion for education & medicaid smh WTF

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