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People Are More Outraged At A Commercial, Than The Reason We Need It.

People Are More Outraged At A Commercial, Than The Reason We Need It.

When A Razor Commercial Sparks More Outrage Than The Actual Problem, There’s An Issue. Francis Maxwell Breaks Down All The Shootings You Didn’t Hear About, And Why You Should Have! http://tyt.com/francis

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  1. Kom net gou vinnig Suid Afrika toe asb jou klein doos

  2. take india for an example…they are also suffering from problem stems from toxic masculinity…the difference is..there is less incidence that ends with fatality because they have no access to guns..

    in a way,the combination of mental health issue+ toxic masculinity + easy access to gun gave rise to such a terrifying outcome.

  3. Is this the male version of Trigglypuff?

  4. Let's start doing things that make liberals uncomfortable

  5. Nice cherry picking morherfuckers

  6. The philosophy that drives the utterances of the Political Left, is the same philosophy that lead to the loss of millionsof lives. No matter how compassionate the intention. It never has nor will ever end well.

  7. This channel should be shutdown for the same reasons Alex Jones was

  8. TYT you are the personification of everything that is wrong with the world.

  9. Blacks kill and rape at 7 times the rate white people do. If this add was representing reality, you would see a lot of non whites and not 99% white people, you are such a self loathing racist, it's pathetic.

  10. "Men asking other men to do better?" Just how out of touch are you about a criminal's mindset if you think something like that is going to work? Seriously I feel that you aren't the right person to advocate for these kinds of things. You come off as a person who has no idea how a criminal mind works.

  11. Blatantly ridiculous to cliam these literal lunatics are a product of toxic masculinity.

  12. If it’s not an immigrant or Muslim killing people Americans do not care

  13. Unsubbed for 1 sided view of the world.

  14. The commercial raises awareness about toxic masculinity (forcing masculine behaviours on boys and excusing violent behavior as masculine) not masculinity in general be whoever you are, just don't bully, harass or torment anyone else.

  15. The comment section is full of dudes desperate to avoid the conversation. "What about gold diggers what about Chicago" blah blah blah. So much easier to change the topic then have a difficult conversation isn't it.

  16. I think it's hilarious that this commercial makes men so uncomfortable. like how sensitive ARE you??? literary the commercial in a nut shell says "hey don't be an asshole to women." But apparently that's all it takes for these snowflakes to be triggered talk about over sensitive that is the most benign statement I've ever heard the fact that it is capable of offending anyone is beyond me

  17. I agree with everything + as an atheist coming from Muslim country, community and family, I agree Muslim community needs to adress the violance initiated by the members of this community also.

  18. What a piece of shit this guy is. Wow. Straw man much. Garbage person.

  19. Tampax should do a commercial about how woman shouldn't be gold diggers. I wonder how tyt would react.

  20. You don't have much credibility Ginger Nuts, AIU Rocks

  21. You don't have much credibility Ginger Nuts, AIU Rocks

  22. I hope ISIS bomber goes to TYT that would be wonderful

  23. You lying weasel. Of course those stories made headlines or else you wouldn’t have known about them. Douchebag!!

  24. Oh Gillette are Such great advocates for Women despite the fact that their products for Women cost more than their men's products so how much of a Women's rights company are they now their new ad is a joke it's complete Propaganda. To all people who think this ad makes a difference to humanity why don't yous watch the parody video of the ad it's much better than the ad it's self 😂

  25. Im a white, gay, MASCULINE male and proud of it. Embrace who you are.

  26. So for 500 years, blacks experienced all of this evil? No wonder they're the way they are. Heard whites even went out their way in the 40s to burn Down and destroy prospering black communities post ww2.

  27. Do you really think watching a commercial from a razor company is going to stop bad behavior on the part of the men who are guilty of it?  Do you think this ad inspired murderers and rapists to change their ways?  The idea is ridiculous.  We know that if a cosmetics company made an ad wagging their finger at women for stereotypical bad female behavior–gold digging, sleeping with their teenage students, making false accusations, etc–that the cries of "misogyny" would be deafening.  Women wouldn't put up with that sort of demonization of their gender and men shouldn't be expected to, either.

  28. I loved the commercial, and I felt it was not crossing any lines. Of course many men will be angry at the commercial, because they know its true, and they don’t want to face that. As a man myself, I was proud of that commercial and it’s strong needed message.

  29. I'm guessing ladies never have murderous instincts towards partners? Just a man thing, huh? Notice ladies always get a free pass smacking a dude , but the dude is Satan

  30. You know which men conservatives don't stand up for when they're actually being vilified? When they're being labelled as rapists? As murderers? As terrorists?….That's right, immigrant men. More conservative hypocrisy – they're happy to vilify certain subsets of men, just don't hold the mirror up to them.

  31. You know what shootings you never hear about ? The three or four shootings a day in Chicago for a total of over 1400 shooting a year in Chicago

  32. And then a hero Francis Maxwell comes along

    With the strength to carry on

    And you cast your fears aside

    And you know you can survive

    So when you feel like hope is gone

    Look inside you and be strong

    And you'll finally see the truth

    That a hero lies in you

  33. Question is why do most men hate their women, wives, or girlfriends so much.

  34. This video makes me want to shoot Francis Maxwell and anyone who likes this vid.

  35. i was about to go kill 6 women but a black guy and francis showed me how not cool that was.

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