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Perth scorch the Heat to claim second win of the season | KFC BBL|09

Cameron Bancroft led the way with the bat before Perth’s bowlers ripped through the Heat top order in a comfortable win at Metricon Stadium


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  1. Geez for 9 wickets down the Heat still put up more of a fight than I expected! Even if they weren't going to make it

  2. Lynn is a main player in Brisbane heat

  3. What has happened to Chris Jordan's fielding!

  4. I have followed Brisbane for 2 seasons but they have always disappointed me . Brisbane heats die hard fan

  5. ABD needs to come very soon for the heats

  6. M Marsh always finds fielder playing for slog shots

  7. Still the worst scortchers team to date.

    From 9/78 to all out at 109 for 1 tail ender batsman.


  8. Big Bash is the most attractive for It's exciting commentators and best stadiums & for It's technology

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  10. 1million views for this game??

  11. Can you axe or get rid of this rubbish

  12. なまなさまぬゆさま

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    Cricket lovers..👍🙏😍🌹

  14. Y r they dropping Jordan late in batting?

  15. y is turner picked for indian tour,and y not maxwell???

  16. Please don't reveal the winning team ..

  17. Please,don't spoil by revealing the winner

  18. Wow ahmed spin bowling is good

  19. Why does it say "09 are these old video highlights?

  20. Not the first time this year they have fall apart

  21. The heat really should drop renshaw, he’s hopeless

  22. When the bowlers do better than the actual batters:

  23. That should be the end of the match. Wait it isn't.

    That should be the game, oh it isn't.

    This should definitely be the end of the game, yes 😂😂

  24. Mitch Marsh hits a very long ball

  25. 🕒🏏 who is going to win this season

  26. The heats tail end made more than the top order

  27. The only batsman who I thought looked good out there for the heat was Heazlett and he's probably the only one who probably didn't do too much wrong and got an absolute jaffer.

  28. Please please stop giving the results away in the title. It's lovely to watch, but the title ruins the suspense.

  29. Another boring Snorechers game

  30. Please AB come back in squad 😢

  31. lame batting by the heat , these young blokes need to make better decisions ,and think about there home supporters

  32. Scorthers has been and will be my all time favourite BBL team.

    Though it has been painful to see Perth's phase of decline in the last year or so. Desperately want them to win another title sooner than later 🙁

  33. 🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫💪💪💪🏏👈

  34. omg stop saying who wins, i literally have to not look at thumbnail and then watch

  35. brisbane heat wants A.b devellers complesery 👈👈👈

  36. I would just like the video for the clever title 😂

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