Pete Buttigieg unveils $1 trillion infrastructure plan

FOX Business’ Hillary Vaughn reports on 2020 Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg’s infrastructure package and his condemning President Trump as responsible for the Iranian’s shooting down the Ukrainian airline.

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  1. Mayor Pet couldn't run a city he can't run our government. Obama wasted 800 billion dollars nothing got done and the money disappeared. I forgot that's what democrats are good for making taxpayer money disappear and nothing being accomplished.

  2. Pete Booty Juice is smoking that hard meth

  3. Buttiege is NOT his real name
    Its Paul Montgomery! Does he and others hold duel citizenship?…or hiding something else?

  4. Speak softly, and carry a large stick, remember David and Goliath,He who does will be takin very serious,We don't need yelling and threatening,to be taken serious.

  5. What an idiot. …. he has no experience little boy go back and fix Indiana.

  6. It's Okay To Be A White Heterosexual!

  7. Pete will soon be eliminated and sent back to South Bend, Indiana!

  8. oh dear. california kooky. always with someone else's hard earned Dollars.

  9. Boring. I’ll take Yang anyday. This guy copies yang all the time. No original ideas.

  10. Pandering at it's best just to get votes.He has no ambition to fix the bridges and roads.The differences between them and PRESIDENT TRUMP is they lie to get votes.And PRESIDENT TRUMP does his job to get votes .POLITICIANS are professional liers.

  11. He’s bought off so he’s going to do what his donors want. No point in anything he says while campaigning. And Biden is senile.
    Bernie 2020

  12. So hasnt the President been pushing an Infrastructure Deal since Day One?..Yup…and why havent we gotten one?..Because of Obstructing Democrats like Buttgape..Did the Poster Boy for Obesity say that ?..Of course not….Eat another Bag of Big Macs Fat Boy ,have coronary..

  13. Pete Butt looks a lot like Ukrainian running God TV channel. He is studying in gitanjali school of momas primaries play school.

  14. Missile defence systems do not miss fire, there are multiple safety systems to prevent a miss fire.

  15. Tell this to Pete: YOU take the bus. Model the behavior. No private vehicle for you.

  16. Buttigieg is proposing the same $1 trillion infrastructure Trump & most of Congress is in favor of – it's the financing that's the sticking point. You may disagree with his other policies, but good infrastructure is as American as the Interstate Highway.

  17. I love when I click on Fox News and it’s real news 😍 Thank you 🙏

  18. Ah yes he knows how to hit seniors and the middle class the hardest, estate taxes.

  19. To late now trump beat you to it this week

  20. Is Cavuto Buttigeig's man?

  21. He's using his own money I guess.

  22. Another "green energy" plan. Paid for with MORE TAXES. 😠

  23. It includes 40 thousand new Barry (Obama) endorsed, bathhouses for sodomites.

  24. Same policy trump purposed.. Just more intelligent

  25. Oh great, I can save $600 a year on my water bill by giving up the $1,500 or so that the tax cuts save me. Sounds like a hell of a deal Mr Bootifudge.

  26. He seems reasonable. Said no one ever.

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