Peter Navarro praises USMCA, says China is messing with US economy

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro discusses why President Trump likes the China tariffs and a possible ‘phase one’ deal in the ongoing U.S.-China trade negotiations.

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  1. Peter Navaro ….send my regard to Ron Vara

  2. Why am I not getting notification from Fox Business? Youtube is doing something at the backstage, why?

  3. Peter tell Trump we need to more aggressively pursue blockchain jobs. Don’t let China take the lead.

  4. Hey Lou I can’t believe you are getting phony and phonier by the day! China is not your enemy guys! Don’t make anymore enemies America! You don’t need China to be your enemy! They actually can overtake you guys at any moment! Cooperation is the only way to prosper Lou! Don’t be sold by your own party! Anti China get you nowhere

  5. china is missing or us is messing only economist can say

  6. By now we realize that the China economic reshuffle and political economy of predatory capitalism that is advocated by Mr. Navarro, it is generically a parasitic system, is getting a biter end, all loss and no gain. As Washington cannot change its system, progress is stalled no amount and number of wars, regime changes, sanctions and other means of coercion will not bring any pluses, abyss is open and widening, and the Washington is sliding into it more and more profoundly, there are no allies, only miserable vassals and serfs. Washington political elites are grotesquely amoral, ethics is not in a vocabulary any more, and money is the governor for the few.

  7. I have said for 40 years get these politicians out and get a real business man in the office…. Trump is a business man. We are all making more money now. We need to cut Government worker pay and get them into the private sector…


  9. Do you think China would feel sorry for you guys paying for the tariffs Lou? Don’t misinform your people China is paying

  10. Yeah right Navarro if you call your 3% growth is BOOMING, and the soybean farmers are filing bankruptcies and collecting bailout from the government what do you call China’s 6%+ growth! Ha!

  11. Those old expressions are so wise, we have to bring them back, it’s about bring up the old dictionary to nail the real problems, and only then you can fix them by bringing them up.

  12. USA famous for propaganda fakes news, fakes documents, fakes videos craps, and anti China every day none stop ridiculous !! 😁😁😁😁

  13. CCP just successfully postpone the tariff again! Can Trump see it? He’s been fooled so many times, still don’t learn?


  15. Okay Lou – the Hair doesn't make the Host monopolizing an interview any easier to take !

  16. They just now voted to impeach our @t EVERY DEM OUT OF OFFICE EVERYWHERE IN EVERY STATE AND WASHINGTON!!!

  17. QE, jobs going to Mexico
    USMCA becoming one single economy with labor wages at Mexico level

  18. """""""""""""""All Hollywood theatrics, distraction, misdirection, divide and rule the duped and enslaved masses. Some historical perspective: The atheist Soviet Union began as a result of the 1917 Judaic Bolshevik invasion of Christian Russia (called a “revolution”) financed by Judaic international bankers out of New York. This resulted in the most barbaric human torture and slaughter in history with estimates as high as 66 million deaths. This massacre included Christian Russia’s entire intelligentsia. their nobility, clergy along with the unmerciful slaughter of the Christian Romanov family. What remained were mostly terrified and submissive peasant farmers. Fascism was merely an emergency response to the Judaic Bolshevik communist invasion that was spreading into Europe. Over the last 400 years all the natural, genealogical hereditary heads (aristocracies) that protected the bodies of the world's nations have been decapitated and replaced with one alien head based on the aristocracy of money: A hidden private gang of Judaic international money sorcerers that have taken over the nations of the world through the wizardry of their debt based private money system, that does not protect the bodies of the nations but sucks them dry as they perpetually service mythical national debts. US national debt at $22 trillion is more than 3 times all the gold ever mined. Watch the most forbidden documentary ever published in history that has been banned from youtube in its entirety: “Europa The Last Battle” at archive-dot-org. The victors write the history and own youtube (theirtube)"""""""""""""""

  19. 6min vid…doesnt even give him 2min

  20. let him talk lou..good god

  21. OMG HAHHA I about spit out my Coffee when Peter Navarro said that

  22. Blame everyone except yourself

  23. They caved in to Canada's demands to rush through this trade deal. American farmers will never get their Chinese customers back now. Canada and Mexico have taken them.

  24. President D J Trump. Good job 👍

  25. Peter Navarro is a good man!

  26. Navarro is doing one heck of a job!!!

  27. Why is it, that it seems, that the news interviewer constantly interrupt their guest's answer and ask another question that they will interrupt. It's not only rude it's irritating.

  28. Lou, dial down your interruptions. Let you guests speak. After all, that's what you invited them on the program for.

  29. Mexico economy is better any country they offers house and a job for Central Americans. Mexico is full of silver and copper. Again this fox guys are doing drugs from why they lie to much. On 2009 when the economic crisis hit us Mexicans came to help the economy they came open business when the economy got better they move out. One example the baseball team ángel it was a Mexican who became the owner hire all this super stars ones the economy got better he sold the team. To bad ángel when down. Stop using drugs please

  30. 'slippery as an eel in a vaseline jar'??? Huh!

  31. The stock market is not a good gauge of the health of your economy because it can be manipulated very easily. Look at what happens when the president announces a new trade deal , it goes up and then no trade and it drops. Would be interesting to see who buys those stocks when they drop. I would challenge anyone posting on this site to look up REAL GDP by year and see what you find.

  32. Trump the idiot at it again. Mocking a 16 year old girl on twitter because she was on the front of time magazine and he was not. What a low life this man is. NO CLASS. One of the most powerful men in the world trolling a 16 year old girl.

  33. China is not interested in rhe kind if deal Trump wants. Meddling? You mean the USA is trying to meddle in China not just in trade but everything. The USA has lost. China is prepared to decouple. No lost to China in the end. China will triumph.

  34. Lou, please shut up and let your guests speak.

  35. Please get ride of any 50 cent commentator and Little Pink fan's comments from China. Yep. I don't those CCP commentators

  36. Michael Bloomberg is the rich man helping Chinese Communist!! Michael he is working with China Communist he care for himself only!! Democrats these dirty politicians are corruption for 30 years from now. they sold their soul to Chines Communist!! Trump is the man who loves this country and willing to re-organizer the system was so wrong in Gov!! President Trump has restructured and rebuild the economic.  America is working now!! ❤️🙏❤️🙏 Thanks God America is back!!

  37. Can never trust China Communist!!

  38. americunts love to flatter themselves. They are winning the trade war, they are winning the Iraq war, they are winning the Syria war and they are winning the war in Afghanistan. The only idiots they are fooling are the americunts themselves…hahahahabahaha!!!!!!!!

  39. Leave the tariffs on until their economy crashes and the Chinese people overthrow the CCP!

  40. I remember hearing Peter Navarro interviewed on the Frank Motek show on KNX1070 in LA back when he was a professor at UCI. I thought he would be a great guy to have in Washington to save us from China. So glad to see Trump thought the same thing.


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