Peter Navarro talks China trade, US economy in fiery interview

White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro on U.S., China trade talks, Huawei and the European Central Bank’s decision to lower interest rates.

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  1. She got smarter when she put her glasses on ?? lol

  2. Right. USA has been promised many times by China before again and again and never happens. Whats makes you think that they will not do the same. Dont let China fool you again.

  3. Lightheizer Rule#1? It sounds China's victory on this one. China simply dont want the world to know their true intentions.

  4. If the national security is so important, then America should ban all the networking and CCTV equipment made in China, which are like 90% of them. Yes, the computer you are using, the wifi router in your home, and the surveillance camera you are using are all made in China. You should throw them away to protect the nation's security.
    Also, since you agree with Trump that all Chinese merchandises are the "threat of national security", hence the reason of tariff, you should throw all those stuff away too.

  5. Does Maria ever shut the hell up?

  6. This woman has to give the man a chance to answer her question, she has a loud screeching voice for interrupting the guest from answering questions before moving on to the next question.

  7. I wish I could interview Mr. Navarro. All these news organizations are terrible.

  8. Any trade deal will give time to china, and that is the end for us. It will be faster than you are thinking.

  9. The Chinese lie and cheat. It is part of their national character.

  10. It seems to me she wasn't listening at all. when the other was talking she's preparing to attack with the next questions.

  11. Navarro has been bullshitting to fool the US citizens how evil China is, Trump gets the benefits of rallying voters. Then behind the doors, US and China are taking completely different agendas. Fool you once, and fool you forever.

  12. Whisper is Navarro getting fired by November. Navarro Trump depression.

  13. Huawei continues outsourcing parts & components without US supply chains. Huawei 5G continue to thrive despite the US sanction.

  14. $1 trillion in deficit and already 30% of US govt revenues. The trend is towards more deficit and when deficit reaches 80-100% of revenues, US collapse and could happen in the next 5-10 years. So the only strategy Left for US is propping up US stock market to bubble..

  15. She doesn't know china is communist!

  16. Maria… stop interrupting your guest! It lengthened your interview by 20% or something! Sheesh!

  17. According to some economist China have no surplus with America considering there's a lot of American company in China making billions, millions of Chinese tourists going to America spend money contributing to the American economy, and there's a lot of Chinese student contributing to American university fee, American TV media never mention about this at all

  18. Peter Navarro's head is on the guillotine board next after Bolton. 🤣🤣🤣😛

  19. i didnt read or see every one comments till now,so yes damm she was just to much

  20. can FOX please fire Maria? I don't want FOX to become fake news like CNN. Maria is so DISRESPECTFUL

  21. 70 years of chinese people enslavement and massacre, Mao killed over 100 million people, what a wonderful holyday?

  22. The Fox News anchor is really annoying, not only let Peter to finish, disrupted all the time with useless point.

  23. Stupid gets brainwashed. Why UK is using Huawei?

  24. Maria – mad respect for you, but get back to running your own show, instead of the hierarchy of talking pointed passed down to you.

  25. Peter has his match… LOL.

  26. Get rid of maria. What a joke. Don't ask people to come on the show if they can't answer the question without interruption!

  27. What is your problem lady? He can't discuss this. Period! So many national secrets have been leaked due to free press. The press should not be previ to top secret , national security info! Period!

  28. Maria is a BimBO; she works for the CCC [the Corporate Criminal Class].

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